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We are the leading provider of web-based keyboarding.
We currently serve over 4000 schools and businesses and over 30,000 students DAILY! Our program and text is designed in house using the latest in teaching techniques and technology. Have a look at our features and decide why Keyboarding Online is right for you!

Special Features

  • Leading Online Keyboarding Provider.
  • Fully Individualized & Self-Paced.
  • NO Software to Install or Maintain.
  • Students can work from anywhere!
  • Stops and prevents Hunting & Pecking

Top 10 Features of
Keyboarding Online



100% online, nothing to install or download check
Individualized for all students check
Comprehensive grade reporting and statistics check
Nothing to grade, print, or turn in check
Works on ANY operating system check
Very low bandwidth usage check
Prevents students from cheating check
Quick and easy setup for your class check
Super support for any questions or problems check
Stops, breaks, and prevents HUNTING AND PECKING check

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Finland drops Cursive for Keyboarding

Starting in 2016 in Finland, cursive handwriting will no longer be a "compulsory" part of the education curriculum. The focus instead will be Keyboarding.

Keyboarding Skills = New Laptop
This Minnesota school had the great idea of incentivizing students to learn good keyboarding skills by rewarding them with a free laptop. This school used Keyboarding Online - Keyboard Mastery. Students who completed the course are now typing at an average speed of 56 WPM, compared to 24.8 WPM, the average typing speed for all students enrolled.


Last fall, my colleague and I used Skillbuilding books from two publishers. I was lucky enough to draw yours; my colleague used another publisher. Within a few minutes of instruction, I had my students up and running; my colleague and her students struggled to get started. The next day my students were able to pick up on their own; my colleague's students needed additional instructions. The following semester, my colleague taught two courses; one with your book and continued to use the other book for the other class.

Bonnie G.,
Monroe County Community College, MI

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