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About Ellsworth
Publishing Co. (EPC)

  • Est. 1976, business machines workbooks.
  • All software development and support is in-house.
  • 1989, Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry software.
  • 2003, Internet based Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry.
  • Author Barbara Ellsworth taught keyboarding and office technologies for 40+ years at Mesa Community College.
  • Staff with great senses of humor, committment, and a desire to have fun.
  • A company that leads the pack with cutting-edge features and technologies for keyboarding.
  • Same place, same phone number (except for area code changes), same ownership for over 30 years--yes, we aren't going anywhere.
  • Cost controls and cost consciousness to keep products affordable for schools and their students.
  • The leading provider of online keyboarding!

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Since adopting the Ellsworth keyboarding system three years ago, my completion and retention rates have doubled. Very few of today's college level keyboarding students need to learn the keyboard--most need to correct 'self taught' bad habits. The lesson content in all the courses - Keyboard Mastery, Keyboard Short Course, Skillbuilding, and Ten Key Mastery-meets this need by providing a varied drill sequence to build technique, accuracy, and speed. And best of all, the students enjoy the online setup!

Kathy S.,
Mira Costa College, CA

We suppose that it can be said that we are a small publisher. We rely on word-of-mouth and the 30+ educational conferences and workshops that we exhibit at around North America on a yearly basis. Our staff is entirely commission free and yet motivated to provide the best support our customers have experienced.

We are a niche publisher of keyboarding and ten key data entry, our focus is on these few things--and we do it well. We invite you to experience the EPC difference: High Quality/Low Maintenance software that makes keyboarding education more simple and highly effective.
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