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Keyboarding Online (KO) - Terms of Service

By Ellsworth Publishing Company

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  • A licensed user is a user that is currently registered for an educational course, under the direction of an educational instructor that is part of an institution that has registered for KO software. Registration for KO software requires the purchase of a site license or access code license to be used by students.

    • 1. Site licenses are licensed to physical locations or students attending the location. An institution having multiple campuses/locations will need to purchase a license covering multiple locations. Site licenses are valid for an agreed upon time period and user limit, usually purchased in two year increments. Purchaser’s invoice and KO software will show the expiration date of site license purchases.

    • 2. Access code licenses require no additional site license purchase. Each access code is unique and is intended for single KO program, by a single student. A student validates his/her access code at the time they first open their KO software student file and thereby becomes a licensed user.


  • Ellsworth Publishing Co. (EPC) maintains and updates KO servers and software. Licensed users may access KO from any Internet capable device having the stated software requirements. KO software upgrades and updates are automatic and are at no additional cost.


  • A modern web browser and a physical keyboard. Tablet devices will need a bluetooth connected keyboard to properly use KO software. KO is completely HTML5 compatible and capable. No 3rd party software is needed beyond that of modern web browser.


  • Site license: EPC will support the educational institution staff. Support for student and home users is not included.

  • Access code license: EPC will support educational institution staff and connection issues for students. Students are expected to receive initial login instructions from instructors. Instructors are in care of all features provided in the instructor admin program (Teacher Manager) including and not limited to: student password resets, class setup and grading setup (course setup), creating/deleting students, monitoring of scores and reports.


  • EPC offers no warranty or guarantee to users. EPC recognizes the extreme importance to be a reliable education partner and endeavors to maintain consistent, dependable access to KO servers and data with minimal interruption or planned outages. Data replication and backup is performed by EPC on a nightly basis to protect from catastrophic events. In the event of any liability incurred by EPC, such liability shall not exceed the most recent pro-rated license fee paid by licensed user.


  • Licensed users may have their license forfeited by: failing to fulfill payment of license purchase, attempting to ‘hack’ or reverse-engineer KO software, sharing login credentials with non-licensed locations/campuses or institutions, or taking actions with the intention of inflicting harm to KO servers and/or other licensed users.


  • KO software does not use any plugins or browser add-ons, but runs solely on the browser itself utilizing Javascript. Cookies and SessionStorage are used for the admin sections to help keep the user logged in when the page is refreshed, but upon closing the browser, all cookie and session data is deleted entirely.

  • EPC does not share, rent, or sell information to any other organization. The information stored on KO systems is entirely dependent upon what users (educators) choose to enter for their students. If privacy is of supreme concern, instructors can simply assign each student a number or letter. There is no requirement on what users must use for password or identification purposes. Educators will organize their classes and students in their own manner, subject to their district Internet policies. Generally, EPC views the data being stored as very low risk and very undesirable for anyone but the teacher for grading purposes, personally identifiable information is very limited (student name and password--subject to what is entered by the instructor). There are no requirements nor prompts for users': age, gender, social security number, address information, etc.

  • The Online Retail Store has its own privacy policy, but in effect the store utilizes a secure connection to log in and to process payment. The only details recorded about the users are billing and shipping information and the products they ordered. We do not keep, store, or record credit card numbers, expiration dates, or security codes. We send the payment through a secured gateway for immediate processing and only record the gateway's response as to whether the card was approved or declined.

  • EPC utilizes digital and physical security to protect student data. KO servers utilize firewalls and enterprise grade Linux operating systems, that replicate data across multiple (raided) systems to ensure minimal downtime in case of hardware failures. In the case of a catastrophic event at a data center, EPC utilizes nightly encrypted backups to an offsite location. KO servers are housed in a Tier 4 data center providing a high level of physical security and power redundancy.

  • EPC reserves the right to use aggregate student data to determine the statistical effectiveness of keyboarding programs. Example: Using lesson averages from 100,000 student files to determine median increases in speed and proficiency. This information would be aggregate and non-specific to any user.

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