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I just wanted to drop an email to tell you how pleased I am with your online keyboarding program, Keyboard Mastery. My school recently purchased the textbooks and subscribed to your online program. I began the program at the beginning of our third trimester, and I could not be more impressed with this curriculum!

S. Kline,
Spurgeon Intermediate School, CA

Third party software requirements

No plugins are needed to run the HTML5 program. We do recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer (10+), Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Explanation of bandwidth needs

A lot of thought and planning was given to making very efficient with use of Internet bandwidth. Schools with as little as DSL service have successfully used Keyboarding Online. Home users can easily use their own broadband or dial-up connection. Here are some of the things we have done to keep the techies happy:

  • EPC software programs utilize compression in both client and server programs and student data files to minimize bandwidth requirements.
  • Student keyboarding programs are approximately 400 KB in download size (expanding to 3x size once downloaded). To give you a better idea of file size--almost 4 copies of the program could be saved on a floppy diskette (if you can remember the floppy disk; the point is that file size in minimal). This program file is also automatically cached by the Java plugin on user machines (this significantly speeds up load time, see caching below).
  • Student data files range in size from 1KB - 25KB in download size (the size of a moderately long email); the range varies by program and by the number scores that get recorded as the student progresses through the lessons.
  • No streaming is used (Keyboarding Online is NOT a bandwidth hog!) When new lessons are requested, a single request is made. Scores are only submitted when the timer is reset or when the timing is complete. All additional requests the program makes are around 1-5KB in size. Internet access is required during the timing, as all error checking and scores are saved immediately when the timing is complete, but again, that request is very small.
  • Caching: We leverage browser cacheing and only push new versions of the program when features are added or bugs are fixed. This means that after the programs loads the first time, it will take even less time to load it afterwards until the cache is deleted or a newer version is released. This means that your first class of the day may have to wait 1-2 seconds for the 400KB files to download, but your subsequent classes should be ready to go nearly instantly.

Support & Updates

Support is provided directly by EPC. Support is not contracted to third-party suppliers; our support and responsiveness is first-class service. Keyboarding Online is developed and maintained by EPC staff--this means that you are getting support with questions and suggestions directly from the creators of the product. EPC supports school staff and educators; home users will need to get support from their instrutor and/or designated school staff.

Updates are automatic, without cost, and without any software to install or upgrade! Since this is a product developed directly by EPC, new features and enhancements based on instructor feedback are continuously added for all users to enjoy.

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