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Elementary Schools

I thought you might like to know that your ‘Keyboarding for Kids’ software has been an essential part of our elementary education plan for the past few years. The program is easy to use and very intuitive. Thanks for making an online typing program that is both fun and easy to use.
J. Cazedessus, Park Lane Elementary, UT

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have a student who thinks he is rather clever starting an exercise then waiting out the timer. He was quite proud of himself for successfully recording a score of 2wpm on every line of the lesson. This time out feature was created just for him. The date stamp has also been an incredible tool to paint a clear picture of how he is really spending his time in class. THANK YOU!
S. Cottle, UT

Just wanted to let you know that things are going GREAT. The kids are loving the program and everyone, including the principal, are very excited. We have fourth graders who complete three to four lessons in 15 minutes. They are just flying!! Thanks for a great product.
M. Fischer, St. John Baptist School, MN

Middle Schools

I just wanted to drop an email to tell you how pleased I am with your online keyboarding program, Keyboard Mastery. My school recently purchased the textbooks and subscribed to your online program. I began the program at the beginning of our third trimester, and I could not be more impressed with this curriculum!

The introductory lessons assist the first-time keyboarding student with learning the proper technique to be successful. During the lesson components, students are not able to skip lines, so the instructor knows that students have completed all segments of individual lessons. Immediate feedback and storing high scores is exceptionally motivating for the student, and inspires them to continue pushing for higher speeds and accuracy. Of course, only with skilled monitoring by an instructor will students be compelled to maintain proper body position and use their home keys, but your wonderful program makes the keyboarding lessons intrinsically motivating for my students and managing student work much easier for me!

Thank you again for marketing such a superior product. Thank you for making it affordable as well. I have passed on the information about your program to my district's Educational Technology Department.
S. Kline, Spurgeon Intermediate School, CA

This is our third year to use the Ellsworth Keyboarding Short Course for our 8th grade students. It's a tremendous introductory training program. Although great for beginning keyboarders, it also challenges those with previous experience.

Very user friendly for students--they are amazing by their improvement and how well they type at the conclusion of the course. Ease of use for teachers is a huge plus--tracking student progress is basically effortless.
S. Ballew, Kennedale Jr. High School, UT

I am in my second week of using the Keyboard Short Course online and the students are doing GREAT! I showed the demo CD at least two times per class, used the M&Ms on their hands, and got them started. The 'block timing' area feature helped students focus on the copy and not on their hands. My goal was to get through lesson #2 by the end of the first week, and almost everyone, even the slowest of my 8th graders, is reaching and surpassing that goal. I am elated with both the progress of the students and their attitudes. The program is challenging and fun. Students are competing up and down the lab rows trying to do better than their friends. I let them do it!!! It makes the classroom more exciting and fun while accomplishing the goal of improving students' speed and accuracy. Thanks for all your years of hard work developing this unique program.
A. Wicklander, Churchill Jr. High, UT

Hurray for Keyboarding Online, my students love this program! It is fun, it is challenging and my students are focused for an entire 80 minute class. (which is a challenge in middle school!) It is great for students to be able access the program at home so they can make up work that they have missed, and allows for individual differences. It is extremely easy for my students to use the program and they really like the having the responsibility and independence for their own work. They have taken pride in their accomplishments.

The feature that turns off the backspace key and the monitor has really helped my students keep their eyes on their copy. They have really learned the keys without looking at their fingers.

As a teacher, it helps me track of student's progress and grades, communicate with my students through the message center, and analyze the strengths and weakness of my students. I found this program very user friendly and our class is always up and running after the first day of the semester.

As they progress onto high school, my students will have a definite advantage because of their keyboarding skills. They will be able to produce work more quickly and more accurately than other students that have not had this program. I have even had three of my own children work with Keyboarding Online.
L. Mitchell, Dixie Middle School, UT

I started the students with the program yesterday. I love it! My students who have been achieving great speeds with their pecking are hating life right now. And surprisingly, students who were not motivated in the past seem to like it. A couple of my boys who never took it really seriously seem to like the challenge of it. Even when it was the last ten minutes of class, when I allow them to go onto typing games or vocab, these two boys chose to stick with the Keyboarding Online. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off! Haha.
S. Hickman, Cram Middle School, NV

Keyboarding Mastery is a great program, not only for beginners but also for experienced typists. My classroom style is quite structured. With this program, I am able to touch base with every student as they finish a lesson, both to review their progress on that lesson and to introduce them to the new keys in the next lesson.
J. Hayhoe, Yale Secondary, BC

High School

Thank you so much, I am looking forward to starting another year! I really enjoyed using your product last year and feel our students performed much better on your system than the traditional method of instruction. Many thanks for a such a great product!
C. Harrison, Monroe School District, MO

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have loved using the Keyboard Mastery program. I started using Keyboard Mastery approximately 15 years ago. I have used it with grades 6-12. I like the fact that students work at their own pace. There is no “down” time while we are waiting for student’s to catch up. I like the option to change the errors allowed and weights of different timings.

This is the first year that I have used the online version of Keyboard Mastery. It makes it so much easier to monitor student progress. My students were surprised the first time I told them exactly how much time they had spent keyboarding!

I think Keyboard Mastery is an excellent program that I would recommend to anyone teaching keyboarding.
M. Terry, Roby High School, TX

I just love the Ten Key course. I love the instant feedback the students receive. It is a challenge and they really like the course. The students are totally in control of their grade. They can always redo lessons and improve.

I like to use the Teacher Manager to pull up the progress report and see how everyone is doing. It is totally on the Internet--Everything is right there.
C. Bullinger, Mountain View High School, UT

Colleges & Adult Programs

I am extremely happy with your programs... I have enjoyed using Keyboard Mastery this past semester with my students. We are also utilizing your Nuts 'n' Bolts Formatting. The students and I appreciate the fact that Keyboard Mastery can be accessed from home, allowing students to catch up on lessons if they have been sick. I am looking forward to using the Skillbuilding Mastery this semester.

Nancy S., Western Dakota Technical Institute, SD

I have yet to come across keyboarding software that I found as student-friendly AND instructor-friendly.
The curriculum and software provides learning for the students at their convenience and provides faculty with progress information on each student. I am very impressed with Ellsworth Publishing and I am very appreciative of their continued support and advancements to make our lives easier! Thank you!

S. Legleiter, Barton County Community College, KS

Since adopting the Ellsworth keyboarding system three years ago, my completion and retention rates have doubled. Very few of today's college level keyboarding students need to learn the keyboard--most need to correct 'self taught' bad habits. The lesson content in all the courses - Keyboard Mastery, Keyboard Short Course, Skillbuilding, and Ten Key Mastery-meets this need by providing a varied drill sequence to build technique, accuracy, and speed. And best of all, the students enjoy the online setup!
Kathy S., Mira Costa College, CA

Finally I have found solid, easy to use keyboarding, data entry, and skill building textbooks and software through Ellsworth Publishing. After just one 8 week session, students at Coastline Community College in Fountain Valley, CA are finishing the beginning keyboarding class with an average corrected speed on a 2-minute timing of 35 wpm and above.

This is the first time we offered keyboarding and data entry classes online, and our enrollments went up 100%. I found everything the Ellsworth team promised to come true: instructor materials are well designed and easy to use, each course provides immediate student feedback, and I even have a message area to use right within the software. It is like standing right by the student. Textbooks are reasonably priced and students like to use them...I am so happy we have adopted Ellsworth Publishing as our business computing keyboarding and data entry skills standard.
Marg T., Coastline Community College, CA

Our College - CCNB-Dieppe - in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada is already registered on-line with 24 of our students for the Keyboard Mastery course. For many years, the students bought your books that came with a work diskette. Being the teacher, I put this book on the students list every September as I found the course to be great.

This December, we got on-line through your Internet Web site with the 24 students who bought their textbooks and CD-ROM in September. How fun this is! Students love the fact that they can access their keyboarding lessons here at the College, at home or wherever there is a computer.
L. Boucher, New Brunswick Community College, Canada

I am very pleased with your textbooks and your hosting the software makes it extremely efficient and easy, I would like to now take a look at your textbook for speed and skill building.
Jannette W., Pikes Peak Community College, CO

Last fall, my colleague and I used Skillbuilding books from two publishers. I was lucky enough to draw yours; my colleague used another publisher. Within a few minutes of instruction, I had my students up and running; my colleague and her students struggled to get started. The next day my students were able to pick up on their own; my colleague's students needed additional instructions. The following semester, my colleague taught two courses; one with your book and continued to use the other book for the other class.

This year we are using your book exclusively for several reasons. The first reason is obvious, ease of use. The second is the students and I can see their scores in real time. Another reason is your book lends itself to self-paced courses.

The students actually had fun working with your text; they also enjoyed the content of the timings. You have proved that a course can be created that is educationally sound and enjoyable to complete. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Bonnie G., Monroe County Community College, MI

From an instructor's point of view, I love it! I also love the idea that students are the owners of it at such a reasonable cost. It is so easy to use and set up. Thank you for a great conversion to the web product.
S. Willet, Francis Tuttle Technology, OK

I have been teaching for 26 years and your product is one of the best I have ever used! I have never had as much success with my keyboarding students as I have had since I switched to your product. It is excellent!
S. Wheeler, Frank Phillips College, TX

Thank you for those great updates!! Thank you for all that you do. I have taught keyboarding since 1966 and have used many different programs and methods. Your program is head and shoulders above all the rest. Your customer service is second to none. There is no other publisher where you can get your problem solved right while you are on the phone. GREAT JOB!! Thank you!
N. Stephenson, Western Dakota Tech, SD

Hello, I go to Modesto Jr. College in California. I'm taking a course called Ten Key Mastery. I like the course a lot and have been doing very well in it.

I make little videos sometimes and I made a music video about your Ten Key Mastery course. I showed it to my friends and teachers and they love it! Its been uplodaded to YouTube and to MySpace. Hope you enjoy.

YouTube: Click Here

MySpace: Click Here
S. McLafferty, Modesto Jr. College, CA

Just wanted to thank you for your help in getting me trained and setup to use your Keyboard Short Course with my class this semester. The students have found it very easy to use, as have I, and the Nuts 'n Bolts formatting has made that portion of the material even easier to teach and learn. Thanks again and happy new year!

S. Johnson, Morrisville State College, NY

Customer Support

I have never experienced such friendly and fast customer service. The best!
S. Ballew, Kennedale Jr. High School, UT

The technical support I have received has been second to none. Anytime I call I get an answer or help with my problem. There is no “hold” time like you get when you call tech support at larger companies.
M. Terry, Roby High School, TX

I have truly enjoyed working with your company and your response time is amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a wonderful program for our students.
Shawna H., Lapel Elementary School, IN

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed. You are by far the best publishing company to work with. You are always on top of everything, and your site is user-friendly. You are appreciated more than you know.
Nancy S., Western Dakota Technical Institute, SD

Thanks so much for getting on top of this issue for us. We changed all the apostrophes and everything is working well. We are now going to go full speed into using the created lesson timings with our students. I'll let you know if we have any more issues. I appreciated your promptness! Wow! I've never worked with a technical support group that has responded so quickly. I look forward to working with
you if I have any other questions. I have confidence in your group!

M Huber, Bridgerland Applied Technology College, UT


You folks are so incredible. As always, I am so amazed and appreciative of the VERY fast and helpful support we receive from all of you.

J. Kelley, Klamath Community College, OR

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