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Welcome to Keyboarding Online

We are the leading provider of web-based keyboarding.
We currently serve over 4000 schools and businesses and over 30,000 students DAILY! Our program and text is designed in house using the latest in teaching techniques and technology. Have a look at our features and decide why Keyboarding Online is right for you!

Special Features

  • Leading Online Keyboarding Provider.
  • Fully Individualized & Self-Paced.
  • NO Software to Install or Maintain.
  • Students can work from anywhere!
  • Stops and prevents Hunting & Pecking

Top 10 Features of
Keyboarding Online



100% online, nothing to install or download check
Individualized for all students check
Comprehensive grade reporting and statistics check
Nothing to grade, print, or turn in check
Works on ANY operating system check
Very low bandwidth usage check
Prevents students from cheating check
Quick and easy setup for your class check
Super support for any questions or problems check
Stops, breaks, and prevents HUNTING AND PECKING check

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Service update & New features to be released soon

We have been working hard at improving the overall keyboarding experience for all of our users. We also have some new features that we are working on that we are excited to tell you about!

LAUSD wants test scores postponed due to lack of keyboarding

The Los Angeles superintendent recently approached the State Board of Education to ask them to postpone using standardized test scores. Reason given: students lack keyboarding skills. Link to full article inside.


I am in my second week of using the Keyboard Short Course online and the students are doing GREAT! I showed the demo CD at least two times per class, used the M&Ms on their hands, and got them started. The 'block timing' area feature helped students focus on the copy and not on their hands. My goal was to get through lesson #2 by the end of the first week, and almost everyone, even the slowest of my 8th graders, is reaching and surpassing that goal. I am elated with both the progress of the students and their attitudes. The program is challenging and fun. Students are competing up and down the lab rows trying to do better than their friends. I let them do it!!! It makes the classroom more exciting and fun while accomplishing the goal of improving students' speed and accuracy. Thanks for all your years of hard work developing this unique program.

A. Wicklander,
Churchill Jr. High, UT

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