Keyboarding for KidsTypically used in Grades 1-6

Keyboarding for Kids

Time Range: 20 - 30 Hours
User Range: Grades 1-6

Keyboard Mastery (50-60 hours) is an intensive course that will teach beginners how to keyboard correctly and teach more experienced students to keyboard faster. Covered are: alphabetic keys, punctuation, numbers and symbols; with over 560 pre-defined timed drills (because you can always add/remove without your very own custom lessons and tests).

  • In approximately 50-60 hours (a good quarter or semester course), beginners can reach speeds of 25-35+ WPM and also attain accepted accuracy standards of one (1) error per minute of timed writing. Timing drills range from 15-second to 5-minute and allow more reinforcement to maintain the skills learned.
  • Timed drills that are automatically scored and recorded when the student meets the standards set by the instructor (the instructor sets his/her own grading and accuracy standards. Every lesson contains timed drills and students are encouraged to meet the standards applied by the instructor beginning right with Lesson 1.
  • The course is divided into four sections. Each section can be applied separately or all encompassing.
  • Standards can be individualized to each type of student so that each student is challenged: the special needs, beginning students, and experienced students can all be graded differently by applying different profiles appropriate for each student type. In additional to individualizing goals, accuracy standards, minimum speeds, etc., the number of lessons can also be individualized. For example, special needs students might be assigned only lesson 1-11; beginners might be assigned lessons 1-24, while experienced students might begin at lesson 12 (skipping the learning key reaches section). Instructors may also choose to omit lessons 25-33 which cover numbers and symbols.
  • For experienced typists, use the 3-minute Course Entry timing. If a student already can type 40 WPM, apply a higher grading scale of 50 WPM as the goal for each timed drill in each lesson. When the course is finished, the Course Exit timing should be taken. The Course Entry score, Course Exit score, and Improvement score will show on the Final Grade Report. There is much to be gained by going over the basics again at a high rate of speed (goal) each time.

Keyboarding for Kids teaches keyboarding correctly to young children at the time when computers are first introduced to them. The content is phonetic by grade and reading level to facilitate learning to read along with keyboarding. Drills are 15-second timings with up to 1-minute timings for older children. Students are rewarded with praise from several animated characters when they reach or exceed their goal. Due to physical development and mental maturity, schools will find the most success keyboarding in the 2nd to 4th grades.

All elementary students will benefit from taking this course whether they have learned keyboarding at school or at home. The beginning pages of the textbook explain the course fully and give suggested goals by grade level. This course is self-paced and can be individualized by grade level, by reading level, to beginning typists, to experienced typists, to slow learners, and to fast learners. Course competencies can be completely customized to individual learners. It is recommended that teachers or parents review the tutorial and the ‘six (6) correct keyboarding techniques’ before teaching keyboarding.

Keyboarding for Kids is a course developed by a veteran typing/keyboarding teacher that is concerned about teaching correct techniques to children. Poor keyboarding techniques and bad habits are very hard to overcome when they have been practiced for years (looking at keys, hunting and pecking, screen watching, wrong finger placement, etc). This is why children should be taught keyboarding correctly when they are first using computers. Keyboarding for Kids is based based on techniques the author has employed for over 40 years to teach accurate and effective keyboarding skills. It is very important to teach keyboarding at a young age to combat the learning of bad habits and poor technique.

This course will not only teach keyboarding effectively with correct techniques, but it will be fun and exciting for the children. Most children who have computers at home play computer and video games that require a lot of hand/eye coordination. They usually have a score to beat and a time limit. This course is the same in that they have a goal, a score to beat (their own while they are advancing toward their goal), and a time limit (mainly 15-second timings). The excitement and fun in the timings is in reaching their goal. Children may take the timings as often as necessary to reach their goal. Upon reaching the established goal a surprise appears on the screen to congratulate them with words of praise. Your students will enjoy this course, and so will the teacher—student monitoring and reports are amazing! Scores that meet the accuracy standard are automatically saved to a Goal/Progress Report which can be printed periodically if desired. This course has been designed to teach keyboarding correctly to children in grades 1-6. Children thrive on attention, and their sustained interest and excitement will be maintained if their efforts are noticed by their parents or teacher; rewards always help.

Most schools will begin teaching keyboarding skills in the 2nd or 3rd grade. A majority of the drills are 15-second timings with up to 1-minute timings for older children. Students are rewarded with badges, trophies, leader boards, etc., when the student reaches or exceeds their speed/accuracy goals.

We provide a complete curriculum by default (see below). However, you can always add/delete your own content and make your own course should you choose!

The course content is divided into appropriate sections based on grade/reading level. For example, a 3rd grade student would be assigned to: 1) Learning the Keyboard (this is learning all the key reaches, every beginning student should take this section), and 2) Grades 3-4 section, lessons 36-47 (this will reinforce the key reaches with age appropriate content. Mature students can be assigned the mastery for additional challenge and practice.