Ease of Access

Ease of Access and Program Features

Keyboarding Online programs and software all incorporate features to facilitate students with various special needs. Listed below are several features which students and teachers can utilize to improve their overall learning and teaching experience. We are always open to hearing about what your needs are and trying our best to accommodate you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the features below, or if you have a feature you would like to see us implement in the future.

Works with Screen Readers

Keyboarding Online programs work in all web browsers natively. Working with the browser allows screen readers to be utilized to assist visually impaired students. No images are used to mask text, so everything the student needs to type should be accessible by screen readers.

Custom Content

All of our keyboarding programs allow instructors to create their own content and assign it to classes or to individual students. Teachers with students who are struggling with lesson vocabulary can take advantage of this feature to add custom content that is appropriate to the student's learning level.

Adjustable Font

All of our keyboarding programs allow the student to adjust the font larger or smaller. Students can increase the font up to 40 pixels, which can make the text that needs to be typed easier to read. Ten Key Mastery also has the added benefit of changing the font and highlighter colors to assist students in seeing what they need to type.

Dictation Mode

Dictation mode is a specific setting that can be enabled by the instructor. It hides the text needed to be typed and forces the student to listen to the instructor to hear the text that they should type. This allows students to practice dictation. It also allows teachers to hide the on-screen text and force students to view printed or projected text if that mode of practice is desired.

No Plugins, Use Any Device

Whether you have students using a PC, Chromebook, Mac, tablet, etc., all you need is a keyboard and a modern web browser.

In-House Development

One of the features we are most proud of is that Keyboarding Online software is 100% developed in-house by our very own development team. This means we update the program constantly, adding new features and resolving any issues that arise before most users even know about it. We listen to educators and we respond to fantastic ideas. The customer service you will experience is unmatched!

Free Instructor Training

We have many other features in all our programs that can help the instructors work with any student. If instructors ever have questions about the program and various features, we can be contacted by phone, email, or support ticket. We also offer free product training around an instructors schedule to demonstrate the various features and capabilities of the program.

No Plugins, Use Any Device

We designed all our programs to be simple when it comes to navigation, and for each of our online programs to have a similar look and feel. We wanted our programs to be easy enough that a first grader can log in and start working where they left off without difficulty or prompts from the instructor. We embraced the larger buttons and icons on a splash screen to give students a simple menu to choose from, as well as check boxes and stars to show a student his or her progress. Even the reports are very straight forward, yet packed with information that can be viewed by clicking on the individual scores.

Individualize Grading Standards

Teachers can create as many grading profiles/standards as they choose. Profiles can be applied to classes as a whole or to individual students. Teachers can adjust the minimum Words Per Minute (WPM) or Keystrokes Per Hour (KSPH) in Ten Key Mastery, accuracy standards, content assigned, score minimums, grading scales, etc. There are several other usage options than can also be adjusted such as enabling/disabling options that prevent hunting and pecking. Teachers can have a variety of grading profiles for their classes so that each student can progress at their own speed and at his or her own level.