You get a lot when you choose Keyboarding Online!

There is a difference with Keyboarding Online that is unlike any other software:

We received our first patent for the development of our software feature that makes it impossible to ‘Hunt & Peck’. We call it brutally effective; because it is mean. Students will not be able to finish a timing if they are Hunting & Pecking.

Have you ever wanted software that would grade special needs students different than typical? Now you can customize grading standards by student type. Beginners can be graded differently than students that already have experience. Each student can be challenged to build from where they are at.

Use the live student monitor to see what students are working on, even watch what they typing.

Print completion certificates (child friendly and adult friendly versions).

Do you normally have a cursor highlighting text for you as you type it? Does it stop you immediately after typing the wrong key? Nope, neither do we. We give students a canvas to type their lessons. At the end of each timing their text is checked for errors and errors highlighted. Immediate feedback on score and accuracy.

Whether you are using a PC, Mac, tablet, Chromebook, or anything else, all you need is a keyboard and a modern web browser. Teacher management options include the ability to restrict access.

Set your own lesson content and timing lengths. Get even more control by creating a test (which is your own custom lesson) that has its own settings separate from all other lesson content.

Manage and monitor all student data online. Progress reports, grade reports, class reports, effort reports, problem key reports, and many more. Very robust reporting to get educators the information they need!

At Keyboarding Online we are not reselling a 3rd party’s product nor have we re-branded a 3rd party product. We are the creators, developers, and support for our very own in-house developed software. Translation: our products, pricing, and support are unbeatable.

Because all software is developed in-house when you contact us to suggest a new feature or get help with a question, you get answers directly from the creators of the product. Translation: no runaround here!