Ten Key Mastery

Ten Key Mastery

Time Range: 20 - 30 Hours
User Range: High School - College

Ten Key Mastery teaches the numeric keypad with speed and accuracy using industry standards for data entry. Proficiency on three actual employment tests helps the student meet employment standards. 1 minute to 5 minute timings with one 10 minute timing.

Ten Key Mastery (20-30 hours) is the premier data entry course designed to teach the numeric keypad by touch (without looking at keys) and to develop speed and accuracy necessary to apply this knowledge in a variety of data entry situations.

Ten Key Mastery prepares students for efficient and productive computer usage when data entry is part of employment. Industry standards dictate 12,000+ KSPH (Key Strokes Per Hour) with 98% accuracy. Ten Key Mastery is also used outside of educational institutions: United States government, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing companies. Improve employee productivity in areas of accounting, secretarial, book keeping, spreadsheets, database maintenance, etc.

Ten Key Mastery is used successfully in High School, Vocational, and College institutions to help prepare students for employment. The course consists of 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute, and 10-minute timings that teach and reinforce the numeric key reaches. The lessons are automatically scored and recorded when the student meets the standards set by the instructor (the instructor sets his/her own grading and accuracy standards. Every lesson contains timed drills and students are encouraged to meet the standards applied by the instructor beginning right with Lesson 1.

Ten Key Mastery has three (3) actual employment tests for students to practice. After completing the skill building exercises, students will be able to compare their skill with the employment tests of three major employers with offices nationwide: A temporary help agency, a major credit card corporation, and a national bank. Students are encouraged to practice and become proficient on these tests. The test from the temporary help agency is alphanumeric and trains students in batch processing. One of the nation’s largest credit card corporations is represented by a test that is used to screen applicants for admittance to their training program. The national bank consulted represents a large chain of banks in Arizona and several other states. They employ a large number of data entry people to verify checks and enter customer data. Their test is also used to screen applicants for admittance to their training program.

The course is divided into twelve (12) sections. Each section can be applied separately or all encompassing.

Standards can be individualized to each type of student so that each student is challenged: the special needs, beginning students, and experienced students can all be graded differently by applying different profiles appropriate for each student type. In additional to individualizing goals, accuracy standards, minimum speeds, etc., the number of lessons assigned can also be individualized. For example, if time commitment is a concern, lessons 25-27 (employment tests), and optional timings (OT) could be omitted.

We provide a complete curriculum by default (see below). However, you can always add/delete your own content and make your own course should you choose!