5 Most Helpful Text Writing Apps

You might think that learning how to write is something you do naturally overtime and therefore, is quite basic. However, some kids have more trouble than others. This difference in abilities could result from cognitive characteristics, different personality types, and preferences of learning styles. Besides, not all teaching styles work for every student, right? So how should you teach these exceptional learners? The answer is simple: text writing apps.


The world has come far from when a blackboard and chalk were the only way to teach. Today, technology has a definite place in classrooms, and you should take full advantage of it. If you don’t know what apps you to try or where to start, the following list will help.


5 Most Helpful Text Writing Apps

Here are five of the most popular text writing apps. These are all equally effective and practical, and they help students improve their writing skills while keeping them engaged. From the interface to the user-friendliness, these platforms are acing the game!



1. Word Tune

First on the list is Word Tune. From the colors to the navigation to the features, everything about this platform is exciting and fun. It is essential to keep in mind that the interface plays a huge role. If it’s not pretty and vibrant, the students will never be encouraged to try it. On Word Tune, you can rewrite a piece of writing. You can change the tone from casual to formal and vice versa and shorten or expand it as you like. Other features include:

  • Seamless integration of pasted text in a document.
  • Word finder.
  • Suggestions for alternate, more suitable words and phrases.
  • Example writing to compare your written piece and help remove your doubts.


2. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most recommended, popular, and modern text writing apps of today. From students to teachers to professional writers, everyone knows this platform and loves it. And why shouldn’t they?

  • It helps correct spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Suggests better alternate words and phrases.
  • Helps you to make your writing simpler.
  • Checks whether your work is unique through the plagiarism checker.
  • Points out any passive phrases and helps your writing be more readable.


Grammarly scores your writing and gives you a proper report on how well-written your piece is. Therefore, it helps you keep track of your improvement and compete with yourself.


3. Hemingway App

Speaking of readable writing, the Hemingway App is specifically for this purpose. Not only does it correct your mistakes, but it also enables you to:

  • Write a brand-new piece of writing.
  • Edit a pre-written piece.
  • Replace adverbs with better alternatives.
  • Omit unnecessary words.
  • Avoid passive voice to make the writing simpler.


However, the most critical aspect is that it grades your writing in terms of how readable it is. For example, a report with Grade 6 is readable for a student of grade 6. The easier it is for smaller classes to read, the better your score.


4. The Quill

The Quill is one of the few text writing apps suitable for and recommended by storytellers and novelists. The platform’s professionalism and accuracy make it a popular choice for the improvement of writing skills and perfecting pre-written pieces. The Quill allows you to:

  • Read, write, and edit manuscripts.
  • Save your articles online so you can have access to them from any computer at any time, right where you left off.
  • Have continuous backups and bank-level security to keep your data safe at all times.


5. Readable

As the name suggests, Readable helps you increase the readability of your written pieces. Like the Hemingway app, Readable scores your writing based on how easy it is to read and understand. Plus, you can:

  • Analyze written material, emails, files, websites, and URLs.
  • Improve the readability in certain areas that lack simplicity.
  • Score bulk of text at a time.
  • Check keyword density.
  • Analyze text statistics that include counts, reading and speaking time, and text composition.
  • Integrate your data with Dropbox and Slack for easy access.
  • Get accurate readability reports and alerts.



Final Words

Text writing apps can significantly improve anyone’s skill. Unfortunately, many people avoid using them, thinking that these applications can make them dependent and lazy. This myth, however, is not true at all. With conscious use and practice, one can help increase their speed and skills through these technological aids.


Another such software that helps increase computer skills is KeyboardingOnline. It enables you to improve your typing skills and speed without making you dependent in any way. Thus, the use of modern technology can aid your everyday tasks and improve and polish your talents. Many storytellers, novelists, and professional writers use these writing apps because it helps them make their work more accurate and unique. Also, it takes a lot of stress off their shoulders and who doesn’t want that?