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A Class Pet And What To Consider When Getting One

Want a fun way to spice up your classroom? Then you should consider getting a class pet. Not only are many of them adorable, but all kids tend to love them as well. So they are a welcome addition to practically everybody.

However, a pet is a responsibility to not only you as the teacher, but the students as well. So you should make sure you know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge and get one. That’s why we’ll be talking about what you need to know about getting a pet for your classroom today.

Let’s start with the most important question:


Why Would You Want To Get A Pet For Your Classroom?

Besides being a fun idea that everybody would love, there are actual reasons you should consider getting a classroom pet.

For example, interacting with pets can help students develop a more caring and empathetic outlook. That’s because they’ll need to learn how to gently interact with pets. After all, they’re small and delicate creatures that require a careful touch. It’ll also provide motivation to want to attend class as well, as many students don’t have their own pets at home. Additionally, depending on the pet you get, they can provide stress relief for difficult times a student may be experiencing.


Considerations When Getting A Class Pet

Now, what do you need to consider before actually buying a pet? A pet is a responsibility after all, and it would be smart to think things through beforehand.

Here are a couple questions you should consider:

  • What type of animal is best for my class?
  • Can I handle the daily care needed for the pet?
  • Am I prepared for potential accidents (e.g. Diarrhea)?
  • Can I make sure that all students will be able to take care of the animal responsibly?
  • Are there any allergies from either students or yourself?

Those are the major things to think about. So make sure you can comfortably answer these questions before moving forward.


Possible Animals For A Class Pet

If you made it past the consideration stage, then the next question is simple – what type of pet should you get? Let’s briefly go over several that have already proven to work well in a classroom setting.


Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs as class pets works well

These are small and easy to care for. They can be kept in large clear plastic containers, with plenty of sand and water at room temperature. You’ll mostly need food pellets, fresh vegetables, calcium powder supplements, and coconut oil for their shells. It’s important to not handle them too much because they’re sensitive creatures who get stressed out easily. But they’re great to observe, and to teach your students how to be responsible for another living being.



Although scary to many, tarantulas can be an exciting addition to any classroom. They do best by themselves, so that means you only need one to care for. Plus, you can use them to teach students about the cycle of life, as they need a steady diet of crickets or other insects. Like hermit crabs, these are pets that are best observed and cared for – not handled directly or “played” with. But the “wow” factor should more than make up for this.


Guinea Pigs

If you want something similar to a dog or cat (but smaller), this is your best bet. These are social creatures that bond with humans. And they live roughly 5-7 years as well, so students will have plenty of time to interact and get close with them. Just keep in mind that their cages need to be constantly cleaned, and they have a (safe) habit of ingesting their feces to absorb nutrients properly.



Although this may seem like a boring option, you’d be surprised just how many types of goldfish there are. They can be a few inches to nearly a foot long, and come in many different colors. And you can even pair or group them up to create a dazzling aquarium as well. You just need to make sure they’re fed properly and their tank is cleaned weekly. Also, make sure if you get multiple that they’re the type to get along and won’t fight.


A Class Pet Can Make The Classroom Happy

Class pets can be great to have in the classroom. If you’re considering getting one, just follow the above tips to choose the best one for your students. Of course, if you want another way to make your students happy, why not help them with their typing skills? It’s a skill they’ll likely end up using immensely in the future. And you can help them by using the tools found at KeyboardingOnline today.