Audio Typing And Using It To Improve Your Skills

Today, there are many ways to improve your typing skills. And one of these methods is audio typing. Audio typing has been around for a while and it’s also proven to be effective in improving one’s writing, spelling, and grammar skills.

But what exactly is audio typing? In this blog post, let’s explore the benefits of audio type, the different approaches with it, and how you can get started with it today. And not only that, but we’ll also explore why audio typing can be great in a classroom environment.


What Is Audio Typing?

Basically, audio typing is transcribing something from an audio source that you listen to. For example, audio typing would be typing out a song you listen to. Or it could also be typing out notes from a meeting.

This can be done with many different sources of audio: songs, lectures, speeches, podcasts etc. You could also do it as homework or as part of a class.

This is also one of many different ways that people can improve their writing skills. But it has proven to be very effective in helping people become better spellers and gain more confidence when they write as well.

Why Should You Use It?

Some of the great things about audio typing are that you can audio type anything, it’s free, and there are no limits to what you can type about. This makes it great for students, as they can watch their favorite shows and simply type out the script while watching. Same thing goes for songs as well.

Something else you might like is that you can do it in any language. When audio typing in English, the audio source will be spoken at a normal speed for English speakers. But if you’re listening to something in Chinese or Spanish then it’s going to be a bit harder. So you can just slow down the audio so you can keep up with it. This is a neat way to supplement a language learning class.

What Are Some Ways To Use Audio Typing?

Watching television

There’s a few ways to use it for your classroom. One way is to audio type something while the whole class listens. This is a good starting point to test the waters with. This way, students can audio type something and everyone in the room will get a feel for how the whole process works. You can just have them audio type your lecture live, and slow down your talking pace or emphasize the parts you want them to type out. This will help them adjust to audio typing and help them ease into it.

Another way is doing it as homework. As mentioned earlier, this could be audio typing out a favorite TV show’s script, which would probably lead to a drastic increase in desire to actually do homework for once. If they want a real challenge, they can even try an entire movie! You can give them extra credit for something like that.

Let’s not forget about printed material. This is an excellent way to improve their reading, writing, and typing skills all at the same time. They can audio type poetry, articles from a newspaper or magazine – anything they read.

How To Get Started?

If you’d like your students to use audio typing in your classroom, it’s not too complicated. First, you’ll want to start with doing it for about fifteen minutes a day. You can do this in one of two ways- either in class or as homework. For example, you could audio type a speech that was given at school and discuss the new words and phrases together afterward. This is great because it’s not only audio typing, it’s practicing English and speaking!

If you prefer to start off with it as homework, then that’s fine as well. The benefit of this is students won’t feel embarrassed if they’re slow typers. They can pause and rewind whatever they’re watching or listening to as they need to. If you feel your class could benefit from this, this will be the way to go.

Audio Typing Is Great For Having Fun While Learning To Type

Audio typing can be an enjoyable way to learn how to type. It’s free, it can be done anywhere, and audio sources are available in any language or subject. It gives you the opportunity to improve their writing skills and learn about different topics – so don’t miss out and try it today! And if you want another way to improve your classroom’s typing skills in a fun way, then KeyboardingOnline has helped classes across the globe make it happen.