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Being The Cool Teacher In The Eyes Of Your Students

Every educator wishes to be the cool teacher all students love. But many fail to understand what exactly it is that students love about such teachers. It might sound like a big mystery, but it’s actually quite simple! 


What Sets Great Teachers Apart- A Student’s Perspective

Let’s get inside the students’ heads and figure out what exactly it is that attracts them towards an educator. There have been plenty of different surveys worldwide to figure out what traits students love in a teacher. The answers have always varied, but certain similarities have formed a pattern. Attributes that students highly appreciate include:


  • Fair, unbiased behavior
  • Creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom
  • Being approachable and kind  
  • Enthusiastic personality
  • Engaging and encouraging creative thinking


However, there was one answer that had the least amount of votes: being well-researched. Apparently, students don’t find a teacher’s research relevant to their teaching skills. They don’t care how much content you have. Instead, they care more about the delivery of said content. 


Believe In Them

Cool teachers never ignore their students, nor do they discourage them. If a student isn’t paying attention or responding properly, be patient. Instead of leaving them behind, ask them what problems they’re having. Make sure you satisfy each student’s query every time and don’t leave anyone unattended. If they notice that you believe in them, they’re more likely to make an effort and do better over time.  


Be Their Friend But Set Boundaries

It’s okay to be nice and friendly with your students, but there is a very fine line between being friendly and acting as a student yourself. Frankly, your students can see that line way clearer than you can. As a guideline, cracking jokes and laughing with your students is okay; making comments and personal remarks are not! And this applies both ways. So, if you notice a student treating you like a fellow and getting a little too friendly with you, make sure you politely put them in their place. You don’t have to be rude. Give a subtle reminder that you are their teacher. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Show You Care.

A cool teacher is never “too cool to care.” Students find insensitivity highly unappealing. Instead, if you openly show that you care for your students, it would make them like you and respect you more. For example, if a student is having problems or doesn’t feel too well, go ahead and ask them if they want to discuss it with you. Offer help and support. If they see that you care, they’ll trust you, which is always a good thing. 


Teach By Examples That Are Relevant To Their Lives

As mentioned earlier, students don’t care about research; they care about your delivery style. It is a known, scientifically proven fact that your examples play a vital role in how attentively your students listen to you. If your examples are realistic and relatable, your students will listen to you more keenly. Plus, they are more likely to remember the concept you’re trying to teach for longer. So, try to incorporate more examples from their everyday lives and daily routines. 


Don’t Deliver Lectures; Have Conversations.

One of the many traits of a cool teacher is that they teach like they’re talking. It means that their lectures sound more like conversations and discussions. They do this by giving real-life examples, asking questions, having discussions, and applying many other creative teaching strategies. This way, the content they deliver is more engaging and less boring, so students don’t really feel like they’re being taught. They enjoy the time they spend in such a class. In fact, they look forward to it! 


Show Your Passion

Did you know that showing your enthusiasm in class doesn’t make you look overly excited? Instead, it makes the room light up with excitement, and the students quickly catch up with the passionate behavior. Don’t be afraid to show that you’re passionate about what you’re teaching. Students love it when a teacher is happy. If you’re interested in what you’re talking about, it will eventually catch their attention. Their interests will slowly develop as well, and they’ll start looking forward to your lectures. 


Use Technology

A cool teacher is always up-to-date. They incorporate fun and modern technology in their teaching style. The students love such a teacher because they have fun while they learn. Software and tools like KeyboardingOnline help students improve their typing speed and keep them happily engaged. This way, they’re learning something but still enjoying themselves. Students love to be taught like that! They quickly choose their favorite based on how a teacher makes them feel. So, make sure you’re not the teacher who’s burdening them. Instead, try to be the one that makes them smile.