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Best Podcasts For Teachers

Ever feel like you’re falling behind on educational trends? Although it’s easy to let day-to-day teaching get in the way, we all know that continuing our education is critical to success. And not just our own, but our student’s success as well. But between blog posts, books, videos, and so on – there’s so many ways to learn and grow. And with those options comes time spent, which is in short supply for most educators.

The solution? Listening to the best podcasts for teachers around. Check out the following options for your educational success. And before you know it, in just your spare time you’ll be more inspired and prepared for the school year than ever.


11 Best Podcasts For Teachers To Listen To


1. Talks With Teachers

In this podcast, you’ll get insights from top educators based on their experiences in the classroom. It does a great job of inspiring teachers by helping them love their profession. And it does this through stories and experiences of educators who’ve found success in the industry.

2. The Google Teacher Podcast

Are you a big user of Google programs and software? With this podcast, you can learn the best ways to incorporate google into your lesson plans, which will go a long way towards making your life (and the lives of your students) a little easier.

3. 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Don’t have much time on your hands? Not to worry, as the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast focuses on short, high-impact lessons that grow your ability to teach, and inspires the children in your class. Make sure to check this out if short and sweet are what you’re looking for in a podcast.

4. The Creative Classroom

If you ever feel like your lesson plans are a bit on the dry side, this might be what you’re looking for. By combining creativity with the art of design thinking, John Spencer shares advice that empowers students and revs up their creative juices in the process.

5. Truth For Teachers

With this podcast, you can expect to be inspired and encouraged as an educator after listening to it. With motivational stories and insights, it’s perfect for starting your week off and feeling better about your career in the long run. This is definitely one of the best podcasts for teachers out there.

6. Teaching Matters Podcast: NPR

Teacher podcasting

If you’re looking for something with variety, this podcast is a great fit. There’s a range of topics including inspiring teacher stories, the evolving needs of modern students, and talks about classroom technologies and resources. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So make sure to check this out if you like hearing about different educational topics to keep things fresh.

7. Teacher Tunnel Podcast

There’s no better way to improve as an educator than to learn about the habits of great teachers. And that’s what the Teacher Tunnel is all about. You’ll be hearing about the best practices from leading educators around. And afterward, all you need to do is imitate some of their tactics to become the best educator you can.

8. The Cult Of Pedagogy Podcast

This is definitely one of the more popular teacher podcasts out there. It features a wide range of educational topics, including educator technology, managing your classroom, inspirational stories, and more. You’ll definitely gain many useful ways to design the perfect classroom from this podcast.

9. Moving At The Speed Of Creativity

If you or your students have struggled to keep up with the influx of educational technology, you don’t want to miss out on this podcast. You’ll learn about how to keep your digital literacy optimal at all times. And that means you’ll never be left confused or ashamed about your inability to deal with ever-changing educational tools and tech.

10. School Psyched!

This is all about getting to know the psychology of your students. You’ll learn what makes them tick, and how to best use that info for the best possible teaching experience. In the process, you’ll likely feel more connected to your students as you really start to understand what they’re all about. In terms of really getting to know your students, this is one of the best podcasts for teachers available.


Podcasts Make Continued Education Easy

Keeping up with the world of education is an investment you won’t regret. And these podcasts aim to provide great content which will help you be the best educator you can.

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