Best Side Gigs For Teachers

Would you like to add more income to your teaching salary? While teachers can get a raise by negotiating wages or finding new jobs, there may be other ways to earn more money. Luckily, teaching is a profession that gives you skills that makes it easy to earn extra income. So let’s take a look at some of the best side gigs for teachers to earn you more money in your spare time.


Best Side Gigs For Teachers To Earn More Money


Become A Tutor

When it comes to taking advantage of your teaching skills, becoming a personal tutor is a smart way to go. As a matter of fact, on the website Side Hustle Nation, one of their readers reported earning $1,000 per week as a part-time tutor. All they did was help people with their ACT test prep. And before they knew it, they increased their monthly income by 5 figures. Clearly, tutoring is a smart (and profitable) way to go.


Write Educational Content

If you have a knack for writing, then there’s a lot of opportunities online. just go on Google and type something like “seeking educational writer,” “freelance educational writer,” and so on, and then see what pops up. If you happen to find any paying gigs, then send a message.

Even if you don’t find any decent-paying writing gigs, you can still write some internet content and leave a byline with your contact information on it. Down the line, somebody may reach out to you for a paid gig and you can take it from there.


Work At A Summer School

Just because students can take summer off doesn’t mean you have to do it as well. Why not use the opportunity to earn some extra cash instead? All you have to do is check to see if your school offers summer classes and then sign up for them. If it doesn’t, then check the nearby schools to see if there are any classes available for you to teach at.


Teach Something Online

Teaching online

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why not turn your knowledge into a program or course you can sell online? It’s not that difficult, you just have to take your curriculum, flesh it out into a digital or video format, and then package it as something others can order and consume. You can use a website like Udemy to make this happen.


Sell Your Curriculum And Lessons

Similar to the above tip, instead of transforming your material into an online format, why not sell it “as is” to other teachers? This way, you can spare yourself the extra effort while also helping other teachers become better at their jobs. With just a little tweaking, you can easily package your lesson up and sell them on a website like Teachers Pay Teachers for some easy profits.


Become A Test Administrator

A test administrator is in charge of making sure testing procedures are followed, collected, and submitted correctly. Even better, is that this job can be done from home as well. And since it’s similar to what you might do when conducting a test in your class, it’ll be somewhat simple for you to begin doing. To get started, just do a quick search for your state’s testing services website. And it should be easy for you to take it from there.


Do Camp Counseling

Why limit yourself to purely educating students? Since you have the skills to socialize, too, you can put that to good use in a camp setting. Plus, you’ll also be spending time helping them do arts and crafts, playing near lakes, exploring forests, and many other fun things as well. Check out the local parks and recreation to see if they’re hosting any events you can become a counselor at.


Work In Daycare And Babysitting

Many parents struggle with watching their children during summer since school’s out. This is a perfect opportunity for a teacher to come in and save the day. Just offer to babysit for them at a fair price. The great thing is that as a teacher, you automatically have authority and can more easily land side gigs like these. Just wait for summer to come around, and then start asking parents if they’d like someone to watch their kids when they’re working. Alternatively, you can check out a website like to see if there are any good babysitting gigs as well.


Earn More Money With These Side Gigs For Teachers

Without a doubt, these are definitely some effective ways for teachers to earn more money in their spare time. So don’t wait to give them a shot. Speaking of which, there are also effective ways to help students improve their typing skills as well. All you’ve got to do it’s use the tools at KeyboardingOnline, and you’ve got a sure-fire way to help them improve a skill they’ll use for a lifetime.