Keyboarding Online

Integrity Check

If you are viewing this page your account(s) have been locked because you defrauded Keyboarding Online by disputing a charge for a product you were sold in good faith.

Keyboarding Online (KO) is a small business whose software is maintained and supported by that access code fee (we receive no other payments from your school). Please understand that when dispute your access code charge you are stealing from a small business with limited resources. Our own bank charges KO additional fees whenever a dispute occurs. Our only recourse is to lock your account until payment is received.

Once a customer has disputed a digital payment, KO will no longer accept a digital payment from the customer. KO requires a money order or cashier’s check for full payment for the access code and the charge back fee.  Money order’s can be obtained at the Post Office, many retailers (e.g. Walmart, many grocery stores, etc.), and cashier’s checks can be obtained from your bank or credit union.

To unlock your account you will need to send a total of $99 which includes the following:

  • $59 Access Code original purchase
  • $40 Charge back fee
  • Include your name and email address associated with your account.

Send your $99 money order or cashier’s check to:

Keyboarding Online
2221 W Pecos Rd Ste 6
Chandler, AZ 85224

We will unlock your account the same day payment is received. You can expedite your payment by the method of your choosing (regular mail, overnight shipping, etc).