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Classroom Decoration Ideas Conducive To Learning

It can be difficult to think of classroom decoration ideas every year. As a teacher, you want the room to feel welcoming and comfortable for students. But you also want it to be educational and conducive to learning. So in this blog post, we’ll go over some of the top decoration ideas for your classroom. That way, you can make your class be more entertaining but in a way that helps students succeed as well.


Classroom Decoration Ideas You Can Use Today


Use A Whiteboard Or Chalkboard To Keep Track Of Student Progress

Want an easy way to promote healthy competition? Then try out a progress tracker written on your whiteboard or chalkboard. This will get students clamoring to stay on top (or ahead) of schoolwork, all so they can say they’re doing a good job to other students. Humans have a built-in desire to look impressive to others, so this can a great addition to any classroom.

Just keep in mind that some students may lord their progress over others, so you’ll need a “comeback mechanism” in place to help lagging students catch up. For example, having them demonstrate their ability to solve certain problems in front of you could increase their progress. And once they’re back in the race, they’ll not only have their confidence back, but will also recognize that extra work is all that’s needed to keep up or get ahead.


Hang Up The Periodic Table And Other Science-Related Posters For Inspiration

The important part of educational posters is referencing them in class. This will prevent them from being useless decorations that gather dust. For example, if you’re teaching about the solar system, then hanging up pictures of the planets is a smart way to go. Then you simply ask questions about the planets, have them reference the poster, and you’ve created an educational decoration. Pretty simple.


Hang Up Posters Related To The Lesson You’re Teaching

Something fun you can do is “theme” your classroom based on whatever you’re teaching. For example, if you’re currently having students read a fiction book in class, you can add posters of the characters on the wall. This will increase interest in reading and make it easier to discuss the book in class as well.

Or if you do lots of coloring and arts and crafts, a bright and colorful rug can help set the right mood as well. All in all, if you just use your imagination then you’re sure to come up with something great.


Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Classroom With Plants

You really can’t go wrong with adding some green to your classroom. They’re proven to help students relax and provide a visual reprieve after staring at papers and textbooks. Not only that, but according to the Royal Agriculture College in England, simply adding plants to a classroom helps increase attention levels by 70%. And considering the short attention span many younger students have, this could be a game-changer.


Place Bookshelves Around The Room So Students Can Read From Them

Bookshelves can decorate a class

What better and easier way to encourage reading than by having various reading materials around? If you have access to books that may interest your students, see if you can get a few extra bookshelves placed in your class. Then just add your books and magazines, and before you know it, students will be reading them out of curiosity or boredom.


Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Natural Light In Your Classroom

Although this isn’t a decoration per se, making sure your classroom is well lit is still a good idea. Ideally, you should focus on getting as much natural light in as possible. This is important because based on research by the Heschong Mahone Group, students exposed to natural light received up to 18% better grades on their tests. So make sure to keep your shades open as much as possible. That way, you have an easy way to help your students get better grades with little effort.


Decorate Your Classroom For Maximum Creativity And Success

We hope that this blog post has inspired you to redecorate your classroom. Whether it’s for a new school year or just because, we want all classrooms to be welcoming and comfortable so students can feel at home while they learn. But don’t think that decorating your class is the only way to help students be more successful with their school work.

Another great way is by making sure their typing skills are excellent as well. This will ensure they aren’t hung up typing out their school work as slow as snails. And simple way to make this happen is by checking out the typing tools found at KeyboardingOnline today.