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Creative Writing Exercises For Typing Practice

It’s always smart to get out of dull routines and mix things up a bit. And when it comes to repetitive tasks like typing practice, this is especially true. So rather than sticking with the same old boring typing tasks, why not try out some creative writing exercises instead?

Let’s talk about some fun and interesting ways to help your students have some fun with their typing practice. And before you know it, you’ll have a class full of engaged and hard-working typers.


Smart Ways to Add Creative Writing Exercises to Your Class


Write About A Happy Moment

Making things personal is always guaranteed to grab a person’s attention. As such, it’s a great idea to have your students write about something that made them really happy. It’ll get their creative juices going since they’ll need to brainstorm and sift through multiple happy instances. And the typing itself won’t feel like work since it’s about an emotionally uplifting topic. All in all, everyone’s going to be a happier camper with this exercise.

Write About A Sad Experience

On the flip side, it’s also a great idea to have your students write about something that made them really sad. Again, this is guaranteed to grab their attention in ways that the same old boring typing exercises just can’t. It gets to the core of who they are and the life they lead. In a way, it can even be therapeutic as your students work through their emotions on paper. And again, the typing itself won’t feel like a chore since it’s about an emotionally challenging topic.

Think Of Five Random Words And Make A Story Out Of Them

This is an exercise in creativity, resourcefulness, and typing all in one. Your students will need to come up with a story using only the five words they’re given. They can be chosen at random or by the students themselves. By limiting their creative options, they’ll have to be more inventive and resourceful in their storytelling. And the typing itself will also be a good workout since they’ll need to type out a story in such a limited amount of space.

Write A Story About A Passionate Topic In 100 Words Or Less

One of the easiest ways to get a person to talk is to have them talk about a passion. The same principle applies to creative writing exercises. When your students write about something they’re passionate about, it’s guaranteed to get them typing faster and with more zeal. And the writing exercise itself will be over before you know it since they’ll need to keep things concise and short.

Describe Your Current View By Typing

Typing about creative things

This one is easy to get into since they’re basically looking around and describing what they see. The only difference is they’re typing things out instead of saying them. For example, if there’s a window, they might think “I see the trees outside my classroom,” and then they type it out. It’s fairly simple but can be fun to do. It might help if they speak things out loud and type at the same time as they observe things.

Type Out Words Using ABC

What’s nice about this one is there’s a simple order to follow – the ABCs. For this exercise, all they need to do is type out a word that corresponds to the order of the alphabet. For instance, they might type out “A” and then write apple. Then they’d type “B” and write out banana. Then just repeat the whole process till they finish up at “Z.” It’ll be a great way for them to work on their typing skills while also improving their spelling and vocabulary.

Write A Short Story Without Using The Letter “E”

This is likely to be a challenge. But if you can keep the exercise as short as possible, your students will likely get into it. So it’d be smart to limit this to poems or paragraphs. The great thing about this exercise is your students will have to be creative and resourceful. They may not even realize they’re becoming better typists as they work through this exercise, as they’ll have to think about how they’re going to describe things if the letter “E” is not available.


Make Typing Fun Again With Creative Writing Exercises

It’s no surprise that learning to type can seem like a boring, repetitive activity. But with these creative writing exercises, it’s about to get a whole lot more fun. But if you want an easy way to make improving their typing skills more interesting, why not try the tools at KeyboardingOnline? That way, all you need to do is simply boot up the program, and the whole process is more entertaining with little effort from you at all.