December 2021 – Preparing for Students 2021

As you and school prepare for students after the holidays there are a few things that could make your work easier:

  1. If you are not already using a syncing option to create your class lists (e.g. Classlink, Google Classroom, Clever Classroom, Canvas, OneRoster, Blackboard) you can prepare now so that in January you will be able to have class lists created in a snap! Read all about these syncing options at
  2. Archive, archive. When a student or parent asks why they received the grade they did, and they will probably ask this long after the class is over 😉 make sure you have a copy of reports before deleting classes. Class Summary, Class Progress, and Student Progress reports can be saved as PDFs or even downloaded as a spreadsheet file. Read more at
  3. The ability to open and use the old student software by using the ‘switch to’ feature will be unavailable beginning 2021. The ‘old’ software ceased getting updates early this year. If you don’t understand what we are talking about here, then you are okay already 😉

New District Manager

The District Manager has been completely rewritten and updated with additional features. Support for OneRoster exports from Student Information Systems (SIS) (e.g. Skyward) has been enhanced. The District Manager allows administrators of an SIS OneRoster export to filter and control what classes are to be created in the Keyboarding Online (KO) system. For schools using KO at multiple schools there are district and school level reports.

Feature Requests

As we have stated before, Keyboarding Online is developed and maintained by our own development team right here in Arizona. We would love to hear any feedback or ideas that our customers have been wishing for. To help facilitate this, we created a features voting system where customers can suggest and vote on feature ideas. Please help us know what we should work on first by taking a look and voting/suggesting more work for us to do 😉

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online. Stay safe and stay healthy!