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First World Teacher Problems

Are you familiar with the phrase, “first world problems?” It’s used to describe problems that only exist because of the advantages we have. For example, “I can’t believe my phone is out of battery! I only used it for 6 hours today.” It’s basically the idea that we’re complaining about something minor – mostly because we have access to technology and other luxuries. This is what first-world problems are all about. But what about first-world teacher problems?

Well, as teachers, we have our own set of first-world problems. And trust us, they only occur because you have the amazing advantages that come with this career. So let’s take a look at some of the first-world problems teachers and educators have shared online. I’d bet you can relate to some of them.


First World Teacher Problems You Might Have Experienced


Technology Problems

Let’s kick this off with an increasingly annoying first-world problem thanks to advancing technology. There’s no doubt you’ve had issues with technology in the classroom. Whether it’s your computer, projector, or Smartboard, you’ve likely had to deal with frustrating malfunctions at some point. You can at least get some relief knowing you’re not alone. Here are a few tech problems other teachers have experienced as well:

  • “I’m mad our students are getting touchscreen Chromebooks next year (for the one-to-one initiative) instead of Windows 10 touchscreen laptops”
  • “I’m also mad I have 30 desktop computers in my room that are “ancient” (i.e., two years old) when I can easily build better computers for a cheaper price.”
  • My Smartboard gets constantly out of alignment.
  • “My phone plug is across the room from my desk too.”
  • There’s no specialized app for this website
  • It’s a pain to keep my online gradebook and webpage current.


Inconvenience Problems

On top of technology problems, there are plenty of other inconveniences we face as teachers. You’ve probably experienced a few of these first-world teacher problems yourself. Take a look at the below posts written by various educators and see if you can relate to them:

  • “I have great days when a handful of kids is absent, but lately they’ve all been coming to school. Ughhhh.”
  • “The school van that picks me up and drops me off every day door to door smells like mothballs.”
  • I can’t get my kids to turn off their smartphones during my lecture.
  • I only have a laptop and really need a tablet.
  • My classroom computers don’t have the latest OS.
  • We don’t have enough electrical plug-ins in my classroom.
  • My digital textbook isn’t interactive
  • Wearing a microphone makes my neck sore.
  • I have to manually enter each student instead of importing them?
  • BYOD? Three of my kids don’t have a device.
  • This program is just too complicated to learn.


Slow Problems

A lone turtle on sand

In a world of faster, faster, faster, “slow” can feel downright painful. And when you’re a teacher, there are slow problems you might have to deal with as well. Here are a few examples:

  • My grading program/computer is really slow today.
  • Only one person at a time can download the library’s e-books.
  • Sometimes it takes over two hours before someone can look at my tech problem.


Distraction Problems

All problems are distracting in a way, but some distractions are definitely more common for teachers. And these distractions are assuredly caused by the advanced technology and resources we have at our disposal. It’s only a few of them, but they’re definitely first world teacher problems:

  • I can’t get my kids to turn off their smartphones during my lecture
  • It’s a nuisance to keep the kids off Facebook when online



These are just a few of the first-world teacher problems you might have experienced. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. These problems only occur because of the perks we have as educators. So don’t forget to embrace them and enjoy your career!

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