Funny Stories About Teachers

Teachers are an interesting bunch. They spend their days making sure that we remember what we learned in school, and for the most part, they do a great job. Every now and then though, they say something funny or their students end up doing something hilarious. In fact, there’s a whole book dedicated to funny stories about teachers. It’s called “A Comedy of (Classroom) Errors.” And the following are paraphrased versions of these humorous stories that’ll give you a taste of what makes education fun.

1. The Millipedes At Test Time

When proctoring for an exam, a teacher noticed some students jumping up and down on the floor. He immediately went over to investigate but was stopped by another student that also jumped up. Soon after they started stomping their feet as well, which left our teacher with no choice but to figure out what was going on. Turns out, one of the students put millipedes on his shoe and snuck them in. Then he carefully unleashed them on unsuspecting classmates who didn’t know any better. If he wasn’t smiling so hard at his villainous act, he might’ve never been found out!

2. The Book-Eating Student

A student walked into his 8th-grade German class late and sat down without so much as a hello to the teacher. The teacher started lecturing, but saw that he had ripped out one of the pages from their book and was eating it! She yelled at him, “What are you doing!?” But the student didn’t listen. Well, by the end of that lecture, half of the textbook was gone thanks to the tardy student. This is probably one of the stranger funny stories about teachers you’ll hear about.

3. The Honest Student

In an English class, the students were learning about poetry. As inspiration, they were to focus on their family – specifically their parents. Once the topic was brought up, a student raised their hand and asked, “Do we have to say nice things about our parents, or can we be honest?” The funny thing was the parents are actually good people. They even got a laugh out of it when they were told about it at a later time.

4. The 500 Selfie Teacher

One day when a teacher’s students had settled into their desks, they turned on the iPad and projector for a lesson in English. But to their surprise, they found that the camera roll was already full of hundreds of pictures. However, the surprises didn’t end there. The pictures were up-close shots taken by the teacher’s three-year-old daughter. Of what? Her finger, which was likely blocking the lens the whole time. She even managed to get a video recording as well. But the video was mostly a recording of the ceiling with the occasional glimpse of a young girl’s face – and plenty of laughter as well.

5. The Teacher Meets The Goat

Goat looking over fence

A teacher was going about their regular class routine when they heard noise from outside the classroom. But they ignored it at first and continued on. However, next came a scream and the sounds of kids stampeding. The teacher had enough and swung their door open and yelled “Hey!” at the kids she expected to be outside. But what the teacher found wasn’t a student – it was a goat. Apparently, a goat had escaped from the agriculture classroom and was running amok. And the sound of students was them attempting to corral the goat and take it back where it belonged.

6. The Teacher That Signed A Doll

There was a course at a teacher’s school where students had to carry around dolls like real babies. They had to keep logs of feeding, changing them, etc., and couldn’t leave the baby alone for any reason.

A teacher ran across one of these dolls under their lab bench. Not impressed with the doll’s lack of care, they decided to leave a post-it note on the doll saying “No one was watching this baby.” But the note wouldn’t stick. So they got the bright idea to write a mark directly on the baby’s head in ink. The student eventually got the doll back and went home. A few hours later, the teacher receives a call from an upset parent because that doll was actually a keepsake from the mother’s childhood. And this teacher just defaced it. The teacher apologized immensely and offered to fix it. Luckily, this teacher taught chemistry and used solvents to fix the problem.


Funny Stories About Teachers Makes Things Interesting Again

Teaching can often be a tough gig. But it certainly has its moments, as you can see above. And if you can think about your own moments like these, it’ll make teaching a more fulfilling and special experience for you as well.

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