Google Classroom Syncing

Google Classroom Syncing is now live inside the Teacher Manager! We have been working on this feature the past few months and are happy it is now available to all schools that use this feature.

Benefits of Google Classroom Syncing

This feature brings with it another way to create your classes and students without having to manually create them or import an Excel file. The upside to this is that it automatically links student accounts to their Google accounts. This means that the students can immediately use the Sign In with Google option on the login page.

This will hopefully save some time and headaches for teacher and administrators who are manually linking accounts.

For more information you can click HERE. Visit to see how you can get started and how this feature can improve your teaching.

Lower Bandwidth Consumption

As this feature uses the Google server entirely, there is not risk for the network to be overburdened. Even if there is more people using the network than usual, the feature should work perfectly for all students.

Additionally, all of the files you are storing, as well as the information and grades of your students, will be accessible at all times and synced automatically with your main device.