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Holding A Typing Tournament For Your Class

With the world becoming so technologically advanced, the newer generations are required to be more up-to-date. Since everything has become computerized, including classrooms, good typing skills are a must. Naturally, typing tournament and competitions are the new trend now. If you’re thinking of arranging one, here’s how to do it successfully:



Explain Why You’re Having This Tournament

If you want your students to participate actively and contribute to the tournament, you must get them involved any way possible. Start by communicating with the kids and telling them why you are holding this tournament and what it is about. Tell them the reasons, the causes, and the outcomes of this event. It’ll help them understand the activity, become active members, and motivate them to participate.



Select A Specific Task

Decide the essential details of the tournament and how it’s going to go. Does the class have to repeat a paragraph, retype something, or type a creative essay? Identify what you will base the assessment on, how you’re going to grade them, and how many parts the tournament will have. Select something specific and easy to explain. Participants shouldn’t have to spend hours understanding what they’re going to do. The more specific you are, the easier it is for the candidates and the judges.



Pick A Difficulty Level

Who is the tournament for, and what educational background do the candidates come from? Decide precisely how easy or difficult you wish to keep the game. Be very transparent and specific about this part. If the tournament is for the 5th grade, let it be appropriate for kids of that age and maturity. The tasks should not be any more complicated than that. In general, the rule is that the easier the competition, the more people will be encouraged to participate.


You can also create parts of the tournament to break it down for different age categories and difficulty levels. Then you can pick a winner from every level. This way, you can make the tournament more inclusive and still be fair.



Select A Prize

The price or reward that the winner gets is the most motivating part of the typing tournament. If the kids don’t think it is worth it, they will not actively participate; they won’t even bother! So make sure the prize you select is tempting and encouraging for competitors. This affords more people to get excited about the competition and do their best to win. Remember, that’s your ultimate goal of holding a tournament in the first place!


If you need ideas, this reward could be monetary, appreciative, or a scholarship. You could offer a gift card, a magazine subscription, or whatever you think might interest your participants.



Create Hype And Let Everyone Know

Decide how inclusive you want the tournament to be and create a publicity plan accordingly. If you’re going to stay confined within your institution, announce and open up about this tournament more often. Talk about it in assemblies, classrooms, and post it on notice boards. If you want more people to participate from around the school or the district, you can go bigger with the publicity. Even take it to social media and apply effective marketing strategies like promotions, hashtags, and so on. Remember, the more hype you create, the more people will be curious to see what it’s about and look forward to it.



Make Sure It’s Fun

Remember, if the party isn’t fun, no one’s coming! Make sure the activities, the environment, and the tournament itself are fun and engaging. The more fun and attractive it looks, the more people will be willing to participate, contribute, and invest in it. You can do this by adding fun games, enjoyable commentary, colorful environments, and groovy music in the background. Maybe invite a celebrity chief guest to boost the motivation, create more hype, and make everything more exciting.



The Aftermath

Once the tournament is over, give the kids motivation for the future. Tell them about the next typing tournament or any other activities that you have planned for them. Also, give them tips to improve their typing skills for the next competition. Suggest exercises or tools and software, like KeyboardingOnline, to improve typing skills at home. Such technical aids are of great help to enhance one’s skills and talents.


Finally, don’t forget to celebrate! The typing tournament shouldn’t be over as soon as the games are over and the winners are selected. The right way to end an event is to celebrate the winners’ achievements and the tournament’s success. You can do this celebration at an after-party or right after the contest ends with a prize distribution or cake-cutting ceremony.