How The Real Colors Test Helps You Communicate With Your Students

With the growing modernization and access to technology, it is getting trickier and more challenging to reach the modern world’s students. Today’s teachers must stay updated with educational trends, tools, and modern teaching methods. However, staying up-to-date is not just necessary for the satisfaction of the students. Instead, modern technology can also be of great help for the educators themselves.


Software and advanced tools can be significant aids for educators around the world. Real Colors is such a modern aid. If you are not familiar with its concept, that’s okay. Today, we’ll discuss what it is and how it can help you as a teacher and an effective educator.


What Is A Real Colors Test Exactly?

Real Colors is an inventory for personalities. It is a character test that helps you identify the various personalities sitting in your classroom. This way, it gives you multiple benefits and an upper hand as a teacher since you can recognize your students’ individual cognitive and behavioral characteristics. You can then teach them accordingly, understand their behaviors, and create plans to deal with their issues based on their unique personality types.


What Does Each Color Represent?

The Real Colors test utilizes four different colors to identify and describe the various personality types. The color orange represents an adventurous personality. Green stands for curious characteristics, while blue and gold represent harmonious and responsible individuals, respectively. So what does this representation mean, and how can you utilize it?


You see, green personalities require more freedom. They like to explore and don’t feel comfortable in monotonous or drill-and-kill routines. Similarly, individuals with orange personality type prefer excitement and fun in their learning routines. They, too, feel drained and uncomfortable in monotonous, dull routines.


In contrast, students with gold and blue personalities tend to enjoy school and classroom environments. Thus, it is not surprising that these individuals fit well in the education system and make better careers out of their academic life.


Real Colors Provides Insight Into Student Learning Styles

Considering everything we’ve discussed above, you can see that Real Colors gives you an insight into the child’s learning abilities and preferences. Understanding their individual personalities gives you an idea of what will work and what won’t. If a child is having trouble understanding or being responsive in class, this insight will help you understand why. Then you can generate and implement appropriate solutions accordingly.


Enables Teachers To Adjust Their Teaching Styles

The insight that the Real Colors test gives you also helps you adapt and improve your teaching style. Once you find the various personalities sitting in your classroom, you can calculate the ratio of each, along with the majority and minority. Then you’re empowered to create a teaching method that fits every student’s individual needs in your classroom.


For example, you can incorporate more hands-on and exciting activities for children with orange and green color personalities. Make sure you keep them engaged in the class using teaching techniques that work for them. By doing this, no student will ever feel stuck or left out.


Real Colors Promotes Tolerance

It is not a rare sight that a teacher becomes annoyed with a student’s particular habits or behavior. This annoyance can spark anger and frustration, which can hinder you from dealing with the child in the class.


The Real Colors test gives you a different perspective. Understanding the personality type of your student helps you develop tolerance towards their behavior. It enables you to identify where the student is coming from and how to deal with their issues. When you create such an understanding, you can see beyond their irritating questions and failed tests. You will be able to identify the real problem and address it more calmly, with more tolerance, and have more patience with them.


Improves Classroom Communication

Communication becomes easier, more comfortable when both you and your students understand the concept of varying personality types. The Real Colors test helps develop understanding and promote the habit of communication. However, children may start to “color bash” which means that they begin to blame and shame their own personality type or somebody else’s. Such behavior and atmosphere in the classroom can result in bullying.


Thus, avoid it at all costs! Make communication a habit and draw a line between understanding your personality and blaming it.


More Ways To Improve The Classroom

The Real Colors test is undoubtedly a valuable asset when it comes to advanced teaching. Another such useful tool is KeyboardOnline software, which helps improve typing skills and speed. Not only can it help your students become better typists, but it can also enhance your own skills as an educator. Thus, try incorporating more of such advanced technology into your teaching methods. If done correctly, you’ll be able to improve the outcomes and reduce your workload by several folds.