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How To Avoid Getting Complacent As A Teacher

There’s nothing more dangerous to your career than getting complacent as a teacher. It can quickly lead to a stagnant and boring teaching life. And the last thing any person wants is to lose their enthusiasm for their chosen profession. Luckily, there are a number of ways to stay proactive and keep your teaching fresh. So let’s take a second and go over ways to avoid complacency as a teacher.


Ways To Avoid Getting Complacent As A Teacher


Ask Yourself How You Can Improve Your Teaching

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at the big picture can offer some answers. For example, what would you like to improve about your teaching? Is there a certain subject or grade level that you haven’t taught, or a new skill you’d like to learn? These are the types of questions that can get your creative juices and will grow your passion.

Once you’ve got a selection of ideas to work with, simply prioritize them and start with the ones that are most important to you. Before you know it, you’ll be on the right track to a fulfilling teaching career.

Reflect On Recent Lessons And Ask Students For Feedback

Life often teaches us the biggest lessons. So it’s important to take time and reflect on what’s going well and what needs improving. When you’ve got a few minutes, ask your students for feedback about their most recent lesson. Then use that information to update your teaching methods and improve your skills.

It’s a simple technique that can go a long way in helping you meet your personal goals, as well as make sure you’re getting the most out of your teaching.

Be Open To New Ideas From Colleagues, Friends, And Family

Sometimes we get locked up inside our own head, and can’t see any other possibility for improvement. The best way to break free of that is by opening up and listening to what others have to say about your work. Think of it as a way to generate new ideas from people you trust, and can rely on for an honest opinion. At the very least, their ideas might inspire you to find a new way of getting out of your complacency rut.

Talk With A Mentor About How They Stay Motivated As An Educator

A teacher and mentor talking

If you’re in the job of teaching, it’s only natural to find a teacher of your own. Ask a mentor (or someone more experienced in your field) how they stay motivated in their work. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to share some of what keeps them going, and you might find a few useful tips that’ll help keep your passion for teaching alive. You may even find some new ideas that you’ll want to put into practice right away.

Find Professional Development Opportunities In Your Area

You’ll get a lot of mileage from a professional development opportunity these days, especially if you’re a teacher. From the latest in-school technology to the newest research on best practices, what’s out there is always changing. And that means you have a lot of opportunities to grow and reignite your excitement for the work you do. Just make sure you’re looking for professional development opportunities that are relevant to you and your teaching. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself with a pile of interesting but useless information.

Keep Up With The Latest Educational Trends

Sometimes just the act of getting informed is enough to keep the spark of enthusiasm alive. Fortunately, there’s a lot of information about education and teaching out there these days. So you’re certainly not limited to development centers. You can also find plenty of information on the internet or even in your local library. Additionally, many universities and colleges now offer free courses on topics related to education. Just look around and you’re bound to find something that’ll keep your teaching career feeling fresh.

Mentor New Teachers

Students aren’t the only ones you can educate. As a teacher, you can mentor new teachers as well. Beyond sharing your educational wisdom and experience, you can also help them by giving them access to your professional networks and connections. This is a great way to add a new layer to your teaching career. And it’s a also a chance to be part of the next generation of excellent educators as well.


Growth Is Key To Success And Not Getting Complacent As A Teacher

You’d never tell a student to let themselves stagnate with their studies. So it’s your duty to stay on the ball with your own teaching career as well. Luckily, you’ve just learned some of the best ways to do that.

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