How to Enter an Access Code

To enter in an access code you will need to be logged into your Student Account and into the course that you are currently enrolled in.

You will then need to select the Lessons Menu. Without an access code, your account will be in “demo mode” which only allows access lesson 1.

Once you are logged into the program you will see a pop-up in the top right asking you to enter in your access code, select it and then you will be prompted to enter your access code.

After you have entered in the access code, you will need to select “Unlock Lesson Content”. Once the access code has been validated, the pop-up will disappear and you will be taken to your lessons screen.

You will never see this validation screen again after you have validated your access code, and now you will have access to all of your lessons.

If you have any issues entering in the code, please make sure that you are entering the code in correctly. If you are still having issues even after this please give us a call and we will assist you with your access code.