How to make the program more challenging

There are several options to make the program more difficult. All of which can be adjusted within the grading profile that  the student is assigned to. We will go section by section on what you can change to make it more difficult.

Timing Options-
You can adjust the amount of errors that a student is allowed to make in each timing.
We always recommend enabling the Blackout Timing View and the Timer Timeout features, as these will both effectively eliminate any hunting and pecking done by the students.

Additional Options-
Adjust the scores required. Default is set to 1 score before they are allowed to move onto the next timing.
Adjust the minimum WPM the student must achieve in order for their score to be recorded.
Adjust the Timer Timeout to 1 second (the default is 2 seconds). The Timer Timeout is a feature that prohibits students from taking long breaks in-between keypresses (Ex. when students are looking at their fingers, then the computer screen, then back at their fingers).
Hide the master text so that the students must work out of a book, which is more like what they would be doing in real world applications

Grading Scale-
Adjust the grading scale so that in order for the students to have a certain grade they must meet a stricter grading scale.

Section Assignments-
You can add even more sections or created lessons to each profile that the students must complete in order for their grade to read 100% completion.