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How To Manage Life At Work With A Challenging Principal

Do you have a challenging principal who’s hard to please? Maybe they’re an unreasonable micromanager, who always picks on little things. Or maybe they’re just not the nicest person in the world. Or maybe your principal is all of the above, and then some.

Whatever their style may be, it can take its toll on teachers and students alike. Because although it’s one thing to deal with that kind of boss at work, when kids see these behaviors modeled by adults all day long, it becomes more difficult for them to learn how to behave appropriately.

So today, we’re sharing some effective strategies for managing life at work with a difficult principal.


Simple Strategies Teachers Can Use To Deal With A Challenging Principal


Stay Calm And Don’t Take Things Personally

First things first, you have to remind yourself that your principal’s behavior is not about you. In other words, tell yourself “This has nothing to do with me.” Their actions are probably a reflection of something going on in their own life. So even if they are rude or condescending, don’t take it personally.

Instead, keep your head down and do your job. Be professional, polite, and kind. Your students are watching you closely, so make sure to show them how to behave when things get tough. Even if the principal is being unpleasant, you can always maintain your composure and professionalism. Remember that you want your students to model the way you behave when things are difficult.


Create A Plan For When Things Get Out Of Hand

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst. If you know your principal has a short fuse and is quick to anger, have a plan in place for what you’ll do if they start yelling or lose their temper.

For example, if they start raising their voice at you, you can take a few deep breaths to compose yourself. Afterward, you can say what you need to with more calmness. Another option is to say, “I’m sorry you’re upset by that,” then keep your distance and let them vent. If you know this person gets really angry, then avoid situations that are likely to cause conflict or drama, if possible.


Take Care Of Yourself

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When you’re stressed out, it’s difficult to deal with a challenging principal. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself by eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and taking time away from work when necessary. You’ll be less likely to snap if you’re well-rested and have had a chance to relax. And this will lead to a more positive attitude, which is essential when working with a difficult person.


Seek Support From Fellow Teachers And Colleagues

Taking the brunt from a difficult principal by yourself is tough. So rather than become a punching bag with no relief, find and band together with other teachers and colleagues who’ve had similar experiences.

You’ll feel less alone and more interested in venting to your peers who understand your situation. They’ll personally know what you’re going through, and can offer support and share coping strategies. And they can also become your allies, giving you the support you need when things get tough.


Talk About Your Feelings With Friends Or Family Who’ll Listen Without Judging You

It’s easy to take your work feelings home when it leaves you angry, frustrated, and stressed out. So rather than keep them bottled up (and ready to explode at any time) find a way to reasonably vent and get it all out with a trusted friend or family member. Since they’ll be less likely to judge you, it can be helpful to talk about your job and how it’s affecting you.

This will also help them understand what you’re going through, so they can be a better support system for you overall.


You Can Deal With Your Challenging Principal

We hope these tips have been helpful for you. When it comes to working with a difficult principal, remember that you can do it. You’ll feel less like a victim if you take the necessary steps to cope and deal with this challenging person. And remember, always stay professional and positive when things are rough. Your students are watching you closely!

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