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How to use Pinterest to Improve Your Teaching?

By now it has become a known fact that the best way to become a better teacher is to use every possible resource available to you. And with a limited budget, we need to be crafty. Using Pinterest as a source of inspiration, resources, and advice is a great way to advance.

With Pinterest, you can collect images, forms, and other ideas on how to improve your teaching and to make your subject easier for your students. But it is easy to get lost in all of the content available on the website.

Even though Pinterest is not a classical social media platform, it does allow creators to post their content online. This includes a lot of fellow teachers from a vast array of subjects. Regardless of your class and their age, there is definitely someone out there with content for you.

What’s more, this is a good way to spark your creativity. You can mix and match, and even let your class find something fun and educational to show their peers. The result will be better group projects, easier learning, and a less stressful environment for yourself and your students.

Easy, Fun, and Free

While these may sound like sophomoric reasons to use something, it is rare for a teacher to find a tool that has little drawbacks. Usually, if something is really useful it also costs a lot and requires time to learn about it.

In the case of using Pinterest, it is nearly effortless. You can start by typing in your subject into the bar and seeing what pops out. From there, you can browse in whichever direction you think is best. And while there is a chance to get lost in browsing, you will find that the loads of information are practically endless.

Most of the results you will find are not only interesting and informative but also a lot of fun. Creators try to make their work presentable and appealing, and even simply imagining how you might use such resources in your class will bring you joy.

Last but not least, using Pinterest is completely free. On a tough school and personal budget, this fact should never be disregarded.

There are some creators and organizations that will use Pinterest to promote their work or services. Such services will need to be paid. But many of the resources you will find on Pinterest are likely to available for  free.

And if you find something worth paying for, then the community is a great indicator that the item will be effective.

Find Inspiration

This is, by far, the main reason you would go on Pinterest. Even if you don’t find exactly what you need, you can be certain to find inspiration for how you would do your projects.

This inspiration doesn’t only include the ways you can manage the classroom or present a lesson. Rather, there are also multiple tips and tricks on how you can improve your organizational abilities as a teacher.

Collect Visual Aids

Sometimes you won’t find exactly what you need. Other times, it will be on the top of the first page.

Pinterest has some incredible visual aids offered by teachers around the world. This collective knowledge is quite important because there are many good ideas used for decades by teachers in other countries that we simply haven’t heard of.

And, with Pinterest, that is something you can find easily and copy for free. That way, you can either print it or share it with your online classroom.

Copy Good Ideas

Not all good ideas come in the form of visual aids. Some are just solutions on how other teachers managed to bring their subject closer to the class.

The range of these ideas can’t be predicted. But regardless of the class, subject, or topic, you will be sure to find dozens of interesting ways to solve some problems. And you can always adapt all of them to fit the needs of your class.

Gather Resources

There are multiple places online where you can gather teacher’s resources for free. When it comes to Pinterest, there is everything from small tidbits of useful tools to complete batches for specific lessons.

There are also free guides and even examples of how some teachers used those resources in their work. In utilizing such a vast range of information, you can quickly improve the conditions in your class without spending a lot of time trying to test and figure everything out.

The ‘Graph Math Dance’

Pinterest is Adaptable

Everything you find and can use is yours to keep. Nobody will be angry that you modified their work to do something good in your classroom. After all, that’s why folks are there on Pinterest!

You can use multiple finds from multiple places to form your resources. And if you figure out that you are missing something, you can search for that specific thing. It is like forming a puzzle that you don’t yet know how it will look like.

Let Your Students Contribute

While ‘vanity’ social media is usually detrimental to the class due to it being distractive, Pinterest is not. This is why you can call your students to participate in making new material. In turn, this is also a good way to include parents.

Such an approach will be especially beneficial when it comes to an online classroom or a physical classroom.


Although using Pinterest to improve your teaching doesn’t come automatically, it is a great tool for progression. You can use images, graphs, clips, and other resources to improve your lessons or even decorate your classroom with some reminders and aids.

Using this platform is quick, easy, and can be completely free. You can let your creativity as a teacher grow and call upon your students to grow with you as well.