Keyboarding Online

January 2020 New Features, New Look!

We have a lot go over here, and we hope your new semester is off to a great start! We know we surprised many of you with our new site. So here is an overview of new features to look for:

  • NEW Website
  • NEW Keyboarding for Kids
  • NEW Error Checker
  • NEW Games
  • Still to come in 2020…New Keyboard MasteryKeyboard Short Course

New Website:

If you haven’t seen it yet, visit and see the new site! We are thrilled to finally release something that has been in the works for the past several months. We tried to most of the content and feel the same, but with newer graphics, faster speeds, and the most up to date information showing on our front page. We will be posting often on our new blog ( about the latest and greatest updates we are designing, conference presentations, general news related to keyboarding, and tutorials for the newest features. Check back often, and see those new posts each week.

Login Process. Our smallest change by far is the login process, but it is different. We simply removed the “Select Your Role” drop down. Just enter your username or your School Login and click “Next” to then enter your Password. If you clicked “Teacher” and entered “admin5678” as the username in the past, now you simply need to enter “admin5678”. See how easy it is!? We are literally shaving seconds off your login process! After logging in, you see that nothing else has been changed. Your apps and accounts are all there and are functioning as they should. As we said, this is the most insignificant change considering the entire website has been given a much-needed facelift.

New Keyboarding for Kids:

Last month, we launched the updated version of Keyboarding for Kids. It was overdue for a makeover, and we are happy that it is turning out great. The graphics and theme are amazing, and will change with each new season. The changes added a game-like feel to the program but retained the features unique to Keyboarding Online software. Features and content are being added daily to make it better than its predecessor.

New Error Checker:

We have released our most accurate error checker to date. There is an incredible amount of effort that goes into giving students a ‘real-world’ typing experience. How many typing programs give students a blank screen to enter text, correct and continue, and then check it for errors when the student finishes? Only us! Why? It is super difficult, and no one has their own in-house development team like Keyboarding Online. Most typing programs will simply show a line of text with a cursor following the characters along as the student types, highlighting the errors as they are typed. This is really easy to do from a programming perspective, but it is not ‘real-world’ in the least.

New Games:

The new 2020 version of Keyboarding for Kids is getting these new games first. Look for them in the next 4-6 weeks.

New Keyboard Mastery & Keyboard Short Course

This Spring our Keyboard Mastery and Keyboard Short Course programs will get the next facelifts. We will continue to leave the classic versions available.