Keyboarding Online

January 2021 – Lesson Schedules

We are excited to announce the release of a feature that has been requested multiple times, Lesson Schedules. Many of you have already found this feature that we released last week, but this is official notice on what you can do with it.

  • Lesson Schedules are created and assigned in the Teacher Manager. See the menu list on the left side of the Teacher Manager screen.
  • Set start/end dates on lessons (or range of lessons) to keep students on pace and from jumping ahead.
  • Just like everything else in Keyboarding Online software, Lesson Schedules can be individualized. You can create a Lesson Schedule and apply it to one student or all students. Exempt special needs students, etc.

Read about using Lesson Schedules:

Watch a tutorial video on how to use Lesson Schedules:

What is coming later this Spring 2021?

  • Make your own curriculum sections. You will be able to replace and/or customize the initial lesson content that get assigned to. Basically, should you choose to, you can create your own custom course.

Feature Requests

As we have stated before, Keyboarding Online is developed and maintained by our own development team right here in Arizona. We would love to hear any feedback or ideas that our customers have been wishing for. To help facilitate this, we created a features voting system where customers can suggest and vote on feature ideas. Please help us know what we should work on first by taking a look and voting/suggesting more work for us to do 😉

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online. Stay safe and stay healthy!


The Keyboarding Online Team!