July 2020 Distance Learning

This new school year is shaping up to have a lot of unknowns. Some schools being able to meet in class and others going virtually. If you find yourself teaching keyboarding virtually, we have some ideas and feature reminders to help out:

  • Use the Student Monitor (found on the Teacher Manager dashboard) to encourage students to login and work during their normally scheduled class period. You can monitor what lesson they are on, how much they are staying on task, etc.
  • Use Score Replay to give feedback. This is an awesome feature to be able to look at a previously recorded score and see what the student typed, even how they typed it! This feature only exists in the 2020 programs. Just click on a score in the Progress Report.
  • Assign daily or weekly effort requirements. The Daily Effort Report can ensure that students are meeting requirements.
  • Use the Message Center to communicate and leave messages for students to encourage practice and progress.
  • Use the date filter on the student Progress Reports to see when scores were done (e.g. today, yesterday, or a date range).
  • Helping students login from a non-school based location may be an additional headache. We have tried to help with this situation by creating login cards/stickers. In the Teacher Manager, select a class; on the top right Menu button choose to Download Login Cards or Download Login Cards Individually (each login card will be a separate PDF that can be emailed).
  • Assign your students to watch the Six S.E.C.R.E.T. Keyboarding Techniques video at https://support.keyboardingonline.com/support/six-secret-keyboarding-techniques. Make the students’ first assignment to do a quiz online or report back what each letter in S.E.C.R.E.T. means. Have your students do the nickel test at home. Maybe even have a little fun with this and have students submit videos of the ‘nickel test’ on assigned lesson. Post the best nickel test videos on a class page.
  • Use the Best Scores report in the Teacher manager to create a class challenge or competition.

We have been busy these last months adding additional rostering and login options. We now support: Classlink, Clever, GG4L, Google Classroom, Clever Classroom, Office 365, (Canvas & Blackboard both are in the works and coming Summer 2020).

We value your feedback and we appreciate your continued support of the Keyboarding Online platform. Everything is developed, maintained, and supported in-house with our own development team. Because of this you get top notch support; more than you are likely accustomed to, and dynamic and constantly improving software. We know you have options, just not better options. Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online. Stay safe and stay healthy