Keyboarding Online

June 2020 Summer Recap

We have been pushing out a lot of updates and changes that have been in the works. Some of these got their start almost a year ago with major back-end changes. Here is a quick review sheet of things that will look new to you.

  • Completely new graphical user interface (GUI) design for all keyboarding programs. We will refer to these as the 2020 Keyboarding Online programs. Ten Key Mastery will change at the end of this year. Not to worry though, every single feature still exists. In most cases it will require less clicking to get to a feature you want, and we think the screen organization is better than ever.
  • Score Replay: This is an awesome feature to be able to look at a previously recorded score and see what the student typed, even how they typed it! This feature only exists in the 2020 programs. Just click on a score in the Progress Report.
  • More rostering integrations to make your class lists easier than ever to create: Office 365, Clever Classroom, Google Classroom, Blackboard (coming soon).
  • Accessibility features (2020 programs): audio reading of the lesson text, create a PDF of a chosen lesson, even custom lessons (very helpful for use with screen readers).
  • Coming later this summer:
    • Blackboard integration
    • Keyboard heat map: show the most problematic keys, where students make the most errors.
    • Animated hands to show key reaches.

Changes to Keyboarding for Kids (KBK)

All the above, plus:

  • New Asteroid typing game (access controlled in the Teacher Manager)
  • Achievement badges. Some of these are fun, some are tricky, some are just for great typing.
  • Coming soon to KBK:
    • Deep Sea fishing typing game.
    • More achievement badges.
    • Teacher awarded achievement badges. You choose what badge and who to award it to.

We appreciate your continued support of the Keyboarding Online platform. Everything is developed, maintained, and supported in-house with our own development team. Because of this you get top notch support; more than you are likely accustomed to, and dynamic and constantly improving software. We know you have options, just not better options. Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online. Stay safe and stay healthy!