Keyboarding Online

Keyboarding Online – Feature Update! New Teacher Manager!

We are excited to announce the official release of the 2021 Teacher Manager. Goals of this new release were:

  • Better organization of class and student information.
  • Easier navigation and less scrolling.
  • Speedy, zippy, full speed ahead on high performance (built with upgraded back-end libraries).
  • Easier usage of 3rd party integrations for class roster creations.
  • Improved live student monitor.
  • Readying the platform for future plans 😉

You will see this new Teacher Manager when you login. Everyone has it automagically! We would love to hear any feedback or any bugs you find before we do.


Do you know Keyboarding Online from a previous life?

Did you stop teaching keyboarding during the height of the pandemic? Did you get one of our chicken bobble heads at a conference? Did you laugh at one of our conference badge ribbons?

Give Keyboarding Online a chance and you will see what an academically styled and awesomely supported software looks like. Try it out at

We hope you will choose, or continue choosing, Keyboarding Online–a truly rare typing curriculum that is both developed and supported by the same group of rascals here in the middle of summer in Arizona. It is only 107 today. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Typing!