Keyboarding Online News and Updates

It has been a sweltering summer here in Arizona, so we have been locked away in our cubicles with the air conditioning on full blast finishing a bunch of features that are now available. We have also been adding to our blog: keyboarding presentations, articles, and recently a radio clip from a caller who credits typing as helping him become wealthy 🙂

Typing + Financial Education = Millionaire?

Weird right? How does typing have anything to do with becoming a millionaire? Radio finance talk show guru Dave Ramsey routinely has a ‘millionaire theme hour’ where individuals who were not born into nor inherited money explain how they become wealthy. We were thoroughly surprised to hear one caller credit a high school typing class (“…because it saved a lot of time from hunting and pecking…”) and a finance class on the compounding of money. We have saved the audio clip from the Dave Ramsey show and you can listen to it HERE.

Feature News and Updates:

Keyboarding Online Racer: This game rolled out right at the end of the spring semester and you might have missed it. Also, along with adding this feature to the student program, we have added controls for the racer game in the Teacher Manager. You can disable/enable the game all together. You can also restrict who they compete against (class, school, worldwide). We have changed the graphics for this game for the programs used by older students (e.g. Keyboard Mastery, Keyboard Short Course).

LMS Integrations: Keyboarding Online integrates with Clever, Google, Classlink, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle (and other providers using the LTI standard). Students can login using their credentials in these systems. For LTI integration (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle) you can read-up on the how to’s HERE.
Tutorial videos are currently in the making.

We hope your summer was enjoyable and that you will have a no-stress (yeah right) start of the new school year. As we know you have a lot of choices (but not better choices) for keyboarding software, so we appreciate you using Keyboarding Online. We love to hear from our customers; your feedback and ideas help us create an awesome product. We will be passing the 3 millionth student mark later this month!


the Keyboarding Online team!