Keyboarding Online

March 2020 COVID Update

Keyboarding Online has been watching the news like all other businesses, and with our own children in the school systems, we are well aware of some of the latest difficulties educating students. We at Keyboarding Online have been thinking about how we could support an increasing number of students working from home.

Student Login Cards

At school student login processes may be saved or more automated than they are at home. We have recently pushed out a Teacher Manager update that allows you to create a PDF login card for each student. This login card can then be emailed to the student or parent.

We have created a short YouTube video to show how this is done:

The PDF file(s) are created with the student name as part of the file name to make it easy to send out. You can also do this for an entire class (creating a login card for every student in a class).

Social distancing at the Keyboarding Online office: Although there are no reports of infection spikes in our local area, we will have more employees working from home to support the flattening of the infection curve (we like this explanation article, The Keyboarding Online office will still be open to process orders and shipments, but this means that if you do not get a phone call answered right away it may be best to send an email or chat during this time. These may get responded to more quickly.