May 2021 – Keyboarding Online Pro Tips for Fall 2021

We are hopeful that the pandemic will be a fading memory by the Fall. Communications with our educators seem to point to much more in-person learning this next school year. We have a few suggestions as you wrap up this school year and prepare for the next.

Download & Archive

Though Keyboarding Online saves deleted student data for a limited time to allow educators to restore accidental clicking 😉 we suggest creating PDF copies or downloads of reports for your classes. These become invaluable when a student or parent wishes to challenge a grade, sometimes a year later. You may also want to use Access Schedules to set an ‘End Date’. Apply this Schedule to the students in your classes (see Teacher Manager -> Classes -> select class) to apply a Schedule. This will prevent students from working on their account and changing their grade/scores after the grading period has ended. Helpful reports for archiving:

  • Class Summary Report: This will show the class roster, average scores, effort, etc.
  • Class Progress Report: This will show the class roster along with the average for each lesson.

If you need more details archived, you will want to save:

Progress Reports (individual): This will show all scores for every lesson/line completed along with the lesson average.

Preparing for Fall 2021, do some SYNCING!

We are not talking about taking a dance class. If you really want to make things easier, take advantage of one of the many class rostering solutions we support

These rostering options are performed at the teacher level (see Teacher Manager -> Classes -> 3rd Party Sync):

  • Google Classroom
  • Canvas
  • Clever Classroom
  • Office 365

These rostering options are performed by district level staff:

  • Classlink
  • Skyward SIS OneRoster is our newest addition
  • Clever Secure Sync

Thank you for choosing Keyboarding Online, a truly rare typing curriculum that is both developed and supported by the same group of rascals. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Typing!