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Navigating School Choice Initiatives As A Teacher

Ever wonder what career options let you teach at a school but in a “different” way? Surprisingly, there are several choices that let you be an educator that aren’t limited to teaching traditionally. From one-on-one counseling, to after-school coordination, to big-picture administration… your school choice career options are certainly not limited to standard teaching at all.

So let’s take a moment to go over some of these jobs in detail. Afterward, you’ll have a clear idea of the options you can direct your career towards.


Different School Choice Initiatives You Can Take Your Teaching Career


School Counselor

If you’re the type that likes working in a one-on-one setting, this could be the path for you.

School Counselors are there to help students pick classes, provide guidance about their future, and also help with student activities. Generally speaking, a school counselor is a multi-purpose staff member who works with students on a daily basis to provide academic, career, and personal advice. This may also include helping them with college preparation or giving advice about their personal life.

So, if you have a knack for helping people and you like one-on-one conversations, this might be the career path for you.


After School Program Coordinator

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This type of role would be for those who love working with kids. As the After School Program Coordinator, you’ll be in charge of organizing, marketing, and supervising activities that occur in school after hours. This could include organizing events, such as parties or trips to museums. Or it could also be a role where you go meet with kids, such as scouts or other organizations.

Aside from working with kids, you’ll also be working closely with other teachers and the school board. So, if you think you can handle the responsibility, this could be a great path for you to take.


Education Administrator

Are you more of a big-picture thinker? Then this may be the right choice for you.

Education Administrators help create and run education programs, as well as work with state, local, or federal agencies. They also work on things like budgets, policies, and procedures for schools or universities. Sure, it’s higher-level but you’ll be able to help a lot more students with your actions.

Since this career path involves administrative work, you’ll need some training before jumping headfirst into the role. At a minimum, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in Education (or something close to it). And you may even need a Master’s Degree in Education Management, Public Policy, or Educational Administration. So expect to be in school for a few years if you plan on choosing this career for yourself.


Social Work

Do you want to help students beyond just a classroom setting? Then you may want to look into becoming a social worker.

Social Workers help students with things like poverty, abuse, and neglect at their homes. They also help measure the effectiveness of child welfare agencies, schools, and more.

The key to succeeding in this career is having good communication and observation skills. Nobody wants to admit they need help, so you will have to learn to listen well. With this type of job, the reward is knowing you are helping students as a whole. It’s certain to be stressful but if you can manage it, the satisfaction is worth the challenges.


School Psychologist

This is similar to a school counselor but with some differences. The main thing is that a school psychologist has more training in the educational and mental health fields.

They are knowledgeable about cognition, development, behavior, as well as learning and intelligence. Most often, they work with students who are having behavior problems or are struggling in school. This is opposed to how counselors work with the general student population – basically, counselors help those who may not need special help and only require some guidance.

With this job, you’ll spend most of your time in school, occasionally going out to visit student’s homes. You’ll also be expected to keep up with research and training as well as take part in professional development activities. It’s a great career for those who love the field of education and learning.


Choose Your Best School Choice Career Path

As you can see, there are many ways you can go. Whether you’re passionate about teaching, want a big picture career in education, or feel more comfortable helping individuals, there are plenty of jobs available.

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