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New Online English Typing Practice Trends

Typing – especially blind typing – has become a core skill for many industries. From copywriting to data entry, everyone should know how to quickly turn their thought into coherent, correct lines of text. Thankfully with online English typing practice platforms, this can be done faster, easier, and cheaper than ever.

While lagging behind Mandarin and Spanish in the terms of speakers, English is the de facto global business language. Even other languages use the basic US keyboard most of the time. The QWERTY standard became the global norm, even though it doesn’t have the same benefits in other languages.

By using online tools, we can now practice our blind typing without needing to visit a physical school or pay into a pricey course. Not only are these exercises informative and easy to understand, but can also be quite fun.

How the Internet Helps Your Online English Typing Practice?

Typing as a skill has been developing for more than a century, with the first QWERTY typewriter being made back in 1873. In that period we have realized that some approaches to learning simply work, while others do not.

The internet is a valuable resource here, as we can easily gain access to proven tricks and techniques on how to write better and faster with just a couple of clicks. Also, we can pick out the exercises and challenges that suit us the most.

Making the process fun and exciting was something that was missing in the past. Now, each program facilitating typing practice strives to be interesting and to draw you in like a game.

New Online English Typing Practice Trends

One Finger vs. Two Fingers vs. Eight

There is a huge misconception that typing speed has everything to do with finger tracking. It is definitely faster to reach a certain key if you use both hands versus plucking with a single finger. But, that is not something that will increase your word count per minute. What you need is muscle memory.

Once you start instinctively pressing the key when you want a letter, that is when you can type faster. Here you will focus on the correctness of the words that are written, as well as the execution of your sentences, and not spend too much time on the mechanical part of the process.

Types of Online English Typing Practice

While all types of online English typing practice materials follow a similar pattern and proven methods of learning, they can be segregated into three distinct categories.

Primarily, there are established courses that you can follow either from your browser or a dedicated app. These apps will have clear sections and subjects, where you will see exactly what you are expected to learn. Also, there will be tests that will tell you where you might be lacking.

Second, there are open browser practice programs where you can test your typing speed and correctness. Here, the software can extrapolate from your mistakes and the speed you press the keys to see if there is something you might improve.

Finally, there are online games where you use blind typing to pass levels and accomplish challenges. These don’t always have the same effect as regular typing exercises but are much more fun to do.

Core and Perimeter Keys and the Home Row

Modern keyboards have a strange layout for a reason. We don’t use all of the letters at the same rate and our index fingers are faster than the rest. That is why the most used letters are placed in the middle of the keyboard and the rest are relegated to the corners.

After the index fingers, the most important for typing are our pinkies, as they are crucial for perimeter keys. Keys like ‘shift’, ‘control’, or ‘backspace’ are essential if we want to write a coherent document.

Practice Finger Placement

The correct keyboard finger placement is something you should practice. It is sometimes called the ASDF placement by the keys covered on the left hand. For those unfamiliar with any type of typing, it will be a slow process to let your fingers rest on the keyboard while not in use.

Additionally, people who are active PC gamers will need to focus on pushing their hand one key to the right. The classic ASDW gaming composition will create a constant lag when you want to press the T, G, and B keys.

Take it Easy

Online English typing practice programs exist to make your life easier. They will help teach you how to write in a fun and engaging way. Unlike regular courses, you can access these apps at any time. Also, you can take as much time to complete them as you need.

Don’t stress about progressing faster or becoming a master typist in record time. Simply take it easy and finish your exercises at your own pace, and they will make you the best writer you can be.


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