Keyboarding Online

New Support Website!

We have completely redone the support website for Keyboarding Online! You can now find things easier than ever and it is laid out to help you figure out exactly what you need.

We originally launched a Knowledgebase with answers to a bunch of questions we are often asked about 6 months ago. It was viewed regularly, but we had so much information on the main website, that most probably didn’t even know it was there or what was in it. This was great for us because it allowed us to examine the content and collect feedback.

When we launched our updated site last month, more people started visiting our Knowledgebase to get information, and we were informed that it was hard to search through and find the information you were looking for.

Most of the time, you had to rely solely on the search bar to find what you were looking for. We realized the mistake and spent a few weeks rebuilding the old Knowledgebase.

The New Knowledgebase

The new Knowledgebase, or Keyboarding Online Support, as it will now and forever be known, is located HERE . We decided to utilize a WordPress system to manage the content, which means that it is easy for everyone to add content and keep it updated as the programs continue to grow. We currently have 6 main categories: Getting Started, Teacher Manager, Student Programs, Instructor Resources, Retail Store, and FAQs.

Teachers, you will be able to find out everything about the Teacher Manager inside the Teacher Manager section. Students, you will be able to find out everything about the keyboarding program you need to use on a single page.

Our plan is keep the support page very simple and easy to use and navigate, and of course, updated regularly. If you have any questions about the support site, please let us know!