Program Settings- Student

If you are curious about which lessons, custom lessons or tests are assigned to you, you can go into your program settings. Which will also show how your instructor is grading you and the minimum requirements they have set for each of your lessons.

Timing Options-

Minimum Speed- In order for your scores to record, you must meet the minimum requirement set here. If your wpm speed is less than the number listed on your screen, you will need to take the timing over again.

Timer Timeout- Enabled or Disabled. When the timer timeout is enabled you will be shown a time between 1-10 seconds. If you stop typing for the set amount of time, your lesson will be stopped, and you will be forced to start it over again. This is to encourage good rhythm while typing.

Scores Required- Some teachers will require you to have multiple scores recorded for a timing before they will allow you to move onto the subsequent timings and lessons. They can require 1-3 separate scores.

Timing Length- Each timing can have its own set of requirements. We’ll look at the settings for the 15 second timings for the next couple of settings listed below.

Errors Allowed- For the 15 second timings(in this instance) you are allowed to make 3 errors or mistakes and it will still record your wpm score. If you make more than 3 you will need to take the timing over again, and get no more than three to save and move to the next timing.

Correction Allowed- For the 15 second timings you are allowed to make corrections. For example, you can use the backspace key, delete, and arrow keys.

Black Out Enabled- The blackout timer is currently disabled. In this case, it is disabled for all of the timings. The Blackout Timer is a patented feature that is designed to help break the hunting and pecking cycle. It will blackout the typing box as soon as you start typing, and will go away after the timer expires.

Timing Weight- To most students this will be less relevant, but this is where the teacher will determine which timings will have the greatest impact on your final grade. (90% of teachers leave this at 1)

Section Requirements

Section Name– In Keyboard Mastery(above) sections 1-33 are the main lessons, but they are also broken down into sections. In the instance above, only section 1 is required for completion and is worth 100% of the final grade.

Percentage- This is the percent that each section will be worth your final. Each section with a number is required for a final grade. If they are marked as Optional, you may complete the lesson/section but it will neither hurt nor help your grade.

Grading Scale- Your teacher will set the grading scale for you to be graded on. In this case to earn an A you would need an average of 18WPM or more.