Rainy Day School Activities For Your Class

The rain is pouring outside and your students are bored. What do you do? Today, we want to share with you some rainy day school activities that can be done in the classroom. These fun activities will keep your students busy, engaged, and learning all day long.

And the best part is? Most of these rainy day school activities can be done with things you already have in the classroom. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Rainy Day School Activities Your Students Will Love

1. Draw Your Lunch

Have students draw a picture or write about what they would like to eat for lunch. They can then vote on which one they would most like to have for lunch by placing it at the front of the room. Students may take up various positions around the board so that each student has an opportunity to place their preferred choice at the front of the class. The winning choice is announced once all votes have been cast and everyone gets a chance

2. Play A Drawing Guessing Game

The teacher can draw an object and then have students guess what it is. The first student to correctly identify the drawn item wins a point for their team, with points continuing as long as they keep guessing the correct answer. After every three guesses the artist gets to switch positions so that all students get a chance at being “it.”

3. Create An Original Story As A Class

This is a fun and creative activity that will involve your students in a story-building process. You can use any sort of creative writing for this, whether it’s free write or you put something together as a class to help inspire them. To get started, first brainstorm a list of words that are related to the story. For example, if you wanted your students to create an original fairy tale together as a class, they could brainstorm words like princess, magic mirror, and pumpkin carriage.

After that, work together to create a story as a class. Make sure that the students are making decisions and not just following directions! Each student can add a sentence each, which will make it easy to get everybody to participate.

4. Make Up A Song Together

This activity is actually a bit similar to the last one. It can be the same as making up a story, but instead of writing it in paragraphs and sentences, you are going to write it in lyrics.

The students will then take turns adding their own lyrics to the song. Activities like this often work well with quieter kids who need extra motivation or inspiration. They’ll love being able to add silly lyrics to the song. And this is a perfect chance to help them get out of their shell and get in on something fun.

5. Draw Pictures On An Overhead Projector

This is a great way to keep kids entertained while also getting some of their artistic skills out. They can draw whatever they want, or you could even prompt them with words like “snowflakes” or “rainbows”. Then you just project them on the walls and everybody can be impressed or have a good laugh at the drawings.

This is a great activity for kids who are getting restless and antsy. They’ll be busy doing something while also having fun.

6. Have Students Make Pop-Up Books

A great way to get kids to put their creativity into practice is with a pop-up book. Pop-ups are all about taking boring paper and turning it into something amazing. So your students will have the chance to show off everything they can do in this fun activity.

Pop-up books could be anything: you could ask them to make one of themselves, or it could be about a favorite place they’ve visited, or even a story about their pet. All that really matters is they put their creativity to work!

You can have them use paper and construct it themselves, or you could buy more modern materials like foam board for a sturdier result. Either way, this is an activity any kid will love – all they’ll need are some scissors and glue sticks.

Rainy Day School Activities Make Class More Fun

Finding rainy day school activities to keep class entertaining isn’t always easy. But there are other ways you can make your class feel more fun and engaging for students. For example, teaching them typing skills with the tools found at KeyboardingOnline. The confidence they gain from being skilled at typing will help ensure your students have a good time in school. And it’ll make the rest of their education much easier as well.