Student Certificates

For a while, student certificates have been available inside the program. After some discussion, we decided it would be a nice option for students to print their own certificates if desired.

Printing Certificates

For about a year now the option has been there for instructors to print out certificates for students in the program. Our Keyboarding for Kids instructors would be able to choose from several different design options, each featuring a unique Keyboarding Online mascot and a congratulatory phrase for the student. Instructors of the other programs are able to print out a professional looking certificate and sign it for their students.

For the younger students, we saw this as something that they could print off and take home to show their parents how well they were doing inside the program. For older students, we saw this as something a student could hold on to as proof of typing ability, recognized by Keyboarding Online.

Up until today, this feature is only available to instructors. Some instructors love it and use it, others may not even know what is there. We wanted to bring this feature to the students themselves, so they can save or print a certificate at any time to show progress in or completion of the program.

Student Certificates

Because the certificates are linked somewhat to the student’s final grade, the option to print certificates is located in the final grade report. Students will see the option to “Print Certificate” at the very top of the report. It will pop up a message indicating what the certificate is, and then they can print the certificate. In the case of Keyboarding for Kids students, students can choose which certificate they would like to print.

As noted on the pop-up, a watermark will appear on the certificate if the student hasn’t fully completed the course. Once the student has completed all the required lessons, they will be able to print a certificate without the “INCOMPLETE” watermark. We just wanted to make sure the student wouldn’t try to pass off the certificate as an indication of course completion when the course isn’t yet finished.

As with all new features, please let us know if you encounter any problems. We have several other features coming out these next couple weeks that are geared specifically for the students. Be on the lookout!