Keyboarding Online

Student Self-Registration

Self Registration links make each new semester a breeze. Creating the Self Registration link allows your students to quickly and easily sign up for your class.

In the image below you can see the list of current links that I have active. All you would need to do is copy the link and send it out to your students!


To access the Self Registration Links, select Users from within the teacher manager, and then select Student Self Registration, and then select Create Registration Link.


Creating or editing a Self Registration link is simple and intuitive.

Class Assignment– You will need to assign the class to the self registration link.

Grading Profile– You will then need to assign a Grading Profile to your self registration link

Access Schedule– This is an optional field, if you would like to limit the times when your students are allowed to work within the program you will want to assign them an access schedule.

Enable Start/End Date- The Start/End date allows you to prevent students from registering either too early for the class or too late.