Keyboarding Online

Syncing with Blackboard

Keyboarding Online has the ability to sync your Blackboard courses and students with Keyboarding Online. This means that you can easily create your students inside Keyboarding Online and keep them updated through out the course. The other benefit is that students will be able to sign into the program with Blackboard. No need to worry about remembering another set of passwords.

What it is NOT

Blackboard syncing is ONLY for syncing/importing classes and students right now. There is no grades or assignments sent back at this time. There are no options, apps, or modules created inside Blackboard to manage the application. It is simply a way to sync your classes and account inside Keyboarding Online, and provide the students with an option to login with Blackboard.

Getting Started

To get started, your Blackboard Administrator will need to add the Keyboarding Online application to Blackboard. This will give Keyboarding Online access to grab the data needed to properly sync your classes.

  • Click on “System Admin” on the main dashboard.
  • Click on “REST API Integrations” under Integrations
  • Click on “Create Integration”
  • Enter the Application ID as e6a6a1ce-3b46-4dac-b9a4-9dfae0bd56c4
    • Copy and paste to make it a bit easier than typing it out.
  • Enter a Learn User
    • It can be any user
  • End User Access should be set to Yes
  • Authorized To Act As User should be set to Service Default or No
  • Click Submit

After creating the integration, you should see something similar to the image below.

Next Steps

The System Admin or the Instructor will need to provide the Blackboard URL to Keyboarding Online ( so we can enable syncing for your courses.

After it has been enabled, you will be able to sync by following the steps below:

  • Go to Classes and click on 3rd Party Sync.
  • Click on Sync with Blackboard
  • Authorize the application
  • Choose from the list of courses which ones you would like to sync
  • Click the button at the bottom to start the syncing process

After importing the classes, they will appear on your class roster, along with all the students in those classes. The password that is auto-generated is fairly random. You can provide this to the students, you can update the passwords to something else, or you can have them log in with Blackboard.

Logging In With Blackboard

The easiest way to login with Blackboard for students is to provide them the login URL that is shown on the Blackboard Sync page. That URL is unique for your school, and when clicked, will take students directly into their account once they have been synced over to Keyboarding Online. This is quick and easy, and students will never need to use the login page provided by Keyboarding Online.

If you choose to have students visit the Keyboarding Online login page (, they can click the Blackboard button and enter the email account your Blackboard email. This will direct the students back to Blackboard where they will authorize the application and be placed into the program immediately.