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Teacher Gadgets That Make Your Job Easier

A teacher’s job can be stressful. It involves multitasking all the time, and you can’t seem to catch a break. However, some teacher gadgets can really make life easier for you as a professional.


Embracing Tech In Education

Incorporating technology into teaching methods is beneficial for both you and your students. They can take off a lot of workload from your shoulders and make learning easier for your students. If there’s a practical concept that you simply cannot explain through words, a digital screen or a video might be able to do a better job. This way, the students will understand quickly and easily by watching the video while you can take a breather. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


7 Teacher Gadgets That Make Your Job Easier

There are thousands of different teacher gadgets in the market. And everyday, new ones get added to the list. To make decisions easier for you, here are seven of the most useful tech gadgets for a teacher:


Label Printers On Your Desk

It doesn’t get any easier than this! No more sending applications for labels to be printed; no more hassles for power supply and a wired mess. A wireless label printer allows you to print any label any time sitting at your desk!    


Battery Charger That’s Solar-Powered!

One of the most practical modern teacher gadgets is a solar battery charger. It doesn’t require a power supply, so you can use it on the go as well as charge it any time (as long as it’s sunny outside!) So, in case you’re outdoors, and your batteries suddenly run out, this little thing won’t let you down. 


Tablet Storage With A Charging Base Underneath

Every teacher has been in that annoying situation where several students run out of batteries in their iPads. In such cases, it’s always a pickle trying to charge multiple iPads at the same time. And storing them neatly is a whole other problem. This genius gadget is perfect for such scenarios! It has slots for plenty of iPads (and phones) to be stacked. Plus, there’s a base charger underneath, so you can plug them in all at once. If that’s not convenient, what is? 


Portable Projector: Easy To Use, Easy To Store

Traditional projectors are fine until you plan an outdoor activity. They cannot be moved around. So if you’re planning on playing a video outside the classroom, it is quite an impossible situation. For this reason, portable (mini) projectors have become the new trend! They’re easy to carry around and very functional. Storage isn’t a problem either, since they’re small enough to fit inside cabinets.


Alexa Dot

One of the most advanced teacher gadgets is Alexa Dot. Using Amazon’s Alexa as a virtual assistant can make a huge difference. You can talk to it, ask for information, and other favors like waking you up in the morning! It is especially beneficial for doing small tasks that teachers have to commonly bother with. Taking attendances, playing music, controlling lights and fans, and setting alarms and timers are only some of these jobs. You no longer have to get up to do them; just ask Alexa! 


Clickers To Make You Mobile

If you are a teacher in the 21st century and have not yet used a clicker to stay mobile while giving a presentation, this can be a godsend for you. So, once you connect the device to your computer, you can control the presentation from a distance. You no longer have to stand next to the workstation the whole time in order to control the slides. You can walk, sit, and explain as you go, and the slides keep changing with each click. 


3D Printers For Practical Learning

Again, teacher gadgets can help make learning more comfortable and more enjoyable for students while taking some work off your shoulders. If you are teaching the students something that needs to be practically seen and touched, getting a 3D printer will help. For example, if you are teaching the class about the structure of a particular bone, have it made on the printer. The kids will enjoy watching the process, and it will help you explain the structure better with a physical model in hand. 


Online Tools and Software Do Help Too!

Apart from all these teacher gadgets, specific software can be helpful as well. KeyboardingOnline is a typing tool that helps students speed up their typing skills and become more efficient. Encourage students to use a tool like this one, and it will allow them to have fun while learning and make your part of the job easier. All in all, incorporating technology into education is a win-win situation for all!