Keyboarding Online

Tests are Here!

This past week we released a major update to the program that we have been working on for the past several months. This has given us the ability to add Tests to the program!

What are Tests?

Tests are very similar to Created/Custom Lessons. They are 100% custom, meaning you create the content for the test. You can import content from other courses, or you can copy and paste in the content you want the students to type from another website. You set the timing length, and you can add multiple timings to each test.

The main difference, however, is that tests can have specific options. You can set up a test to allow/disallow correction, enable/disable the timer timeout and blackout timing features, or set minimum speeds and accuracy standards.

We added the option to allow you to limit retakes as well, meaning after the first score, you can block students from taking the test again. Additionally, you can go in and password protect the test and set open/close dates. This will prevent students from jumping ahead and force them to work on content over a specific time period.

Tests are also assigned similarly to Created Lessons. From the Grading Profile the students are using, go to the Section Assignments and you can add as many Tests as you want. This is a little different than the Custom Lessons, which only allows 10 lessons maximum. Students can have dozens or even hundreds of Tests assigned to them. The scores they get stay with the Test, so as long as the Test is assigned, you will see the score show up in the student Progress Reports.

Who Is this for?

We see Tests as an important part of the program for the older students (middle school and up). Teachers can go in and create weekly assessments to ensure students are progressing. College instructors can create Mid-Term and Final Exams for their students and use those scores as a big factor of the grade. Online schools can ensure that students are practicing each and every week by creating a Test that is only available during that week.

The feature is rolled out for everyone on all of our programs, so it can definitely be used by elementary level teachers and students, and anyone else who doesn’t fit the categories above. We personally love the Test feature and know that it sets our software apart from everything else that is out there. We know that everyone will be able to use and incorporate tests into their lessons if they wanted to, and hopefully we made it super simple to get started.

More Information

More information can be found on our support site: You will be able to find info on the different options, how to assign the Tests, and where you can view their scores. If you have any questions, contact us!