The Teacher LinkedIn Profile

How would you like a simple way to increase your teacher job options? After all, it’s always safer (and smarter) to have the ability to find new jobs at a moment’s notice. But it’s not practical to constantly be job hunting while maintaining your current one. So what’s the best workaround for this? A simple solution is to create a teacher Linkedin profile that best suits the career you want. Essentially, these profiles can advertise your job capabilities 24 hours a day, which will help employers find you more easily. So let’s take a moment and see exactly what your profile should include for maximum hiring ability.


The Basics Of Creating The Teacher Linkedin Profile


Add A Decent Headshot

To get things started, a simple (yet reasonably professional) headshot should be clearly visible on your profile. It’d be weird if it was missing considering the nature of Linkedin, so make sure you get this up as soon as possible. You can use a picture you already have, but ideally, it’s not too old and still represents the current “you” fairly accurately. It’d be even better to get a professional to take a headshot that you can use. But ultimately, all that matters is the image is clear and appropriate for Linkedin.


Consider A Good Background Image

This is an overlooked method of making your Linkedin profile shine in a sea of generic profiles. Instead of going with a plain image or color, you can use this real estate to showcase your achievements or uniqueness. For example, you can use it as branding if you have a website. Or you can display achievements on it, kind of like people who decorate their office with awards and plaques. Or if you’ve been on any educational shows or similar, you can do an “as seen on…” type of thing to improve your perceived authority as an educator.

Basically, if it makes you unique or special-sounding, you should consider adding it as a background image – even it’s just simple text.


Create An Eye-Grabbing Headline

Headline on Linkedin profile being looked at

When it comes to creating headlines that attract the right people, clarity is key. This way, hiring managers or recruiters will know in an instant you may be suitable for open positions. For example, something simple like, “Fourth-Grade Social Studies Teacher” would be fine. Any person browsing Linkedin won’t even need to think about it, and will (at the very least) read a bit more to see if you’re a good fit for something they have in mind. Plus, if somebody searches up “Fourth-Grade teacher,” or “ social studies teacher,” guess who will be easier to find? Right, YOU will be. So in summary, keep your headline clear, simple, and relevant.


Write A Persuasive Summary

Once you’ve lured in any potential employers, your summary will be the final bait needed to get them to reach out to you. And although it’s easy to screw this part up, if you just follow some basic principles, you should have a solid summary that intrigues any interested prospects.

First, get their attention by reminding them they’re in the right place. So what you want to do is restate what’s in your headline. Since you’re a teacher, something like “I’ve been a teacher for X years…” Or if you’re looking for a job specifically, then a question opener is also great, like “Are you looking for a fourth-grade teacher who teaches social studies?” Both ideas work fine. The main goal is just clarifying who you are and what you do.

Follow this up with a short (but sweet) list of relevant highlights. There’s a lot of ways you can go here, but a few ideas could be… places you’ve worked, educational achievements, awards or merits given to you, and more. This is a personal thing and you would know your accomplishments best. But as long as you keep the idea of “what would impress a potential employer in mind?”, you should be good to go.

Finally, make sure it’s easy to contact you. You can leave a link to a website, an email address, or even a phone number at the end of this section as well.


Teacher Linkedin Profiles Keep Your Job Options Open

No matter what career you’re in, you should do what you can to keep your options open. And when it comes to teaching, having an employer-attracting Linkedin profile can make that happen. Now, would you like to help your students keep their career options open as well? You can – how? By helping them increase their typing skills so more employers want to hire them! And the best way to do that is by using the effective tools found at KeyboardingOnline.