Top 5 Websites for Teacher Resources

Having everything you need to teach is easy. You just need your time, a student, and a book. But when you want to teach a lot of students something quickly and let them retain it, you will need as many teacher resources as you can find.

There are several types of teacher resources that you might need during class:

  • Tests and forms
  • Audio and visual aids
  • Discussions and explanations
  • Group project management tools
  • Time management tools

Regretfully, while school districts will provide the necessities you need, they will seldom let you pick and choose a tailored experience for your students. For that, you will need to look elsewhere.

The best way to go around this issue is to ask your community – other teachers. Thankfully, the internet makes the number of people willing to help you – even for free – absolutely staggering. Regardless of your subject and the age of the kids you are teaching, there is likely someone out there who has already made the resources that you need.

Teacher Resources for Online and Offline

Ideally, you will want most of your resources to be applicable both online and offline. Because we live in uncertain times and don’t know what might happen, a good teacher should be ready for both.

When it comes to visual aids, online spaces do give you more opportunities. But, you will need to measure in the weaker focus your students will have when learning online than they would in the classroom.

Ideally, you will want to make both types of curriculum planned out. If we end up teaching online you will always be able to send them your classroom resources to use at home. And, if we return to the classrooms having online resources will be a great addition for those who might have missed something.


One reason that math stands as one of the harder subjects in school is that it can be very abstract. Unfortunately, schools have done little to explain to students why mathematics are important in their everyday life.

It seems that the thing most often remembered by students is that some guy had a lot of apples.

But with tools like Math-Aids, you can download flashcards, worksheets, and tables for every topic imaginable. You can use these cards online as visual aids, or you can print them out and spread them around.

And the best thing is that Math-Aids is completely free!

Discovery Education

Discovery Education will allow you to use resources for a vast variety of subjects. It even has specific topics inside those subjects. It is one of the best resources when it comes to science and technology.

As expected from Discovery, they are using their large library of resources to help teachers bring these topics closer to their students.

Although this website is imagined as a resource for online or remote learning, it can be incorporated into the classroom. A lot of the items available will make it easier for you to form a lesson, and you may play some of the clips during class.

Additionally, you can add your entire class to your own Discovery app, allowing them to see everything you have selected for them.

History Explorer

The Smithsonian’s History Explorer is a great place if you need resources, references, articles, or visual aids when it comes to history, anthropology, and natural history.

Not only are they filled with modern information, but it is also packaged in a fun and exciting way. And they are willing to work honestly with a wide variety of subjects, letting you decide what might be appropriate for your students.

This site is also adapted for remote learning and can be used online in its entirety. Or you might just use the resources from it to significantly improve your brick and mortar classroom.

Additionally, it is possible to share resources made by the site with your students directly as additional reading or explanations. This might be an ideal way to provide your class with various perspectives and ideologies without taking too much time from your lessons.

Literature and Writing
Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is one of the oldest institutions when it comes to teacher resources. And it’s still very useful today. Regardless if you are teaching English, literature, poetry, or even technical and creative writing, it is a great place for inspiration and additional explanations on various subjects.

Because the physical library is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of these resources are now available online.

And because of this adaptability, you will be able to share all of your findings with your students. This is an unprecedented way to form a better-structured curriculum and provide your class with additional reading or inspiration that wouldn’t otherwise be available in your school district.

Social and Practical

For colleagues teaching sociology, economics, or any type of practical skills, Everfy is one of the few places where you can find resources that allow you to adapt practical skills to theoretical knowledge and vice versa.

Additionally, the website offers answers to some harder questions. These are given from authoritative sources that might not have been available when even we were in school.

Resources, courses, visual and audio aids, as well as references are provided on a wide range of topics. Some of these, such as savings and business, are adapted to explain new trends and circumstances.

Also, some speak to older questions that usually go unanswered, such as race, class, religion, and how they work in the wider American context.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Most websites for teacher resources you will find are made to be complete blocks of information to make your life as a teacher easier. But this doesn’t mean that you need to keep them as they are.

Every classroom is different and you will always know what will work best with your students. Sometimes you might want to cut something out due to time constraints or combine two resources from different batches together.

In any case, the things you find online are for you to use as you wish. Combine, redefine and portray them the best way you know how, which will probably be the best way in general.


The websites we’ve mentioned are not an exhaustive list. There are plenty places online where you can find resources to help you in your class.

Due to the sheer number of teachers all over the country, you will be able to find hundreds if not thousands of people ready to share their resources and creations with their fellow teachers.